Piano Provenzana is a touristic area located on the north side of Mount Etna, 18 km above Linguaglossa. With its amazing nature, the area gives his visitors a unique rollercoaster of emotions they will never forget. Just before Piano Provanzana you find the highest located pine forest in Sicily.

History Piano Provenzana

The history of Piano Provenzana dates back to the 1950’s when the „1st Etna Trophy“ of skiing was organized on the northern slope of Etna. A ski mountaineering race organized in teams right on the slopes of the active volcano.

In fact already in the ’70s at Piano Provenzana appears the first ski school. And in the ’80s the first excursions to the summital craters started.

Piano Provenzana Rifugio Nord Est

Thanks to its morphology and its landscape, at an altitude of 1800 meters between the top of the volcano Etna and the secular pine forest Ragabo, Piano Provenzana is able to attract and surprise those who come to visit the area.

Piano Provanzana offers its visitors a unique view overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina and, in good weather, you can even see Calabria.

The Etna eruption of 2002

Among the last great events of Piano Provenzana we remember the 2002 eruption. This eruption is also called by scholars „the perfect eruption“.

On October 27, 2002, the Northeast Rift became active and formed a „bottoniera“ of eruptive mouths. From here lava began to flow and quickly transformed the tourist resort of Piano Provenzana into a lava desert. Many years of history were erased in a few hours.

eruzione etna 2002

In only 10 days the lava descended about 8 km towards Linguaglossa. A part of the Ragabo pine forest and also the habits of the fauna were erased by the lava of the 2002 eruption.

Discovering the volcanic landscape

In Piano Provenzana in summer you can witness a unique spectacle that combines the volcanic landscape to the sea.

There are many paths that will lead you to discover caves, extinct craters or even in some shelters where you can also stop and spend a night under the stars. Ideal for a day in spring, summer or autumn.

In Piano Provenzana you can distinguish the real contrast between the power of Etna volcano and nature.

benvenuti piano provenzana

In winter Piano Provenzana is famous for its ski resort with its 4 ski slopes.

The ski resort of Piano Provenzana is the best equipped in southern Italy. Its slopes are internationally approved and allow thousands of ski or snowboard enthusiasts to venture on the active volcano and enjoy this spectacle between snow, fire and sea.

piano provenzana monte frumento

How to reach Piano Provenzana

Piano Provenzana is the highest point that can be reached freely by car from the north side of Etna. Always consider that there are only two ways to reach Etna volcano:

bivio per piano provenzana
  • Etna Nord – Linguaglossa
  • Etna Sud – Nicolosi
Piano Provenzana dall'alto

From Linguaglossa you can reach Piano Provenzana in about 25 minutes (18 km), or from Zafferana Etnea in about 40 minutes (24 km) by car.

You will find parking areas (for a fee), souvenir stores, bars, restaurants and along the way there are hotels and mountain huts where you can also stay overnight.