Linguaglossa | Soon the excursions to the summit craters, starting from Piano Provenzana – Etna Nord, will start again. This is the latest news after the agreement reached between the two municipalities of Linguaglossa and Castiglione di Sicilia thanks to the mediation made by the president of the National Park of Mount Etna Carlo Caputo.

Excursions start from the first week of June 2021

In the first weeks of June 2021 the excursions to the summit craters from Piano Provenzana will start again. In the coming days we hope to receive more information, so we can inform you with certainty on the date of restart and details of the excursions offered.

The off-road activity will take place with 18 authorizations that will be able to transport tourists from an altitude of 1800 meters up to 2850 meters near the volcanological observatory. During the ascent tourists will be able to admire the different craters that have formed in the history of the volcano, and the most recent formation: the 2002 bottoniera.

Bottoniera del 2002 Etna Nord

During the return you will have the opportunity to enjoy the unique panorama that overlooks the coast of Taormina to the coast of Calabria between arid lava flows and the green pine forest that stands out from afar.

Etna volcano activity

Certainly the excursion to the Etna north craters will also be conditioned by the activity of the volcano, since in the last period is giving us a unique show from true active volcano leaving us amazed with its paroxysms full of fountains of lava and lapilli.

An irrepressible euphoria for Piano Provenzana

The whole territory is waiting for this historical moment of restart with great enthusiasm, so as to try to reactivate the economic activities of the area, in order to bring back to life the volcano. A real achievement for the whole Ionian territory of Mount Etna, but especially for the towns of Linguaglossa and Castiglione di Sicilia, a thank you goes out:

  • to the mayors of the two municipalities for having overcome these bureaucratic difficulties after a long period of travail,
  • to the competent authorities who have done everything possible to achieve reconciliation,
  • and to all those who have worked to restart and get everything back to the way it has always been in the history of Piano Provenzana.

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  1. Finalmente qualcosa di positivo tra i due comuni Linguaglossa e Castiglione.Hanno capito che unendo le loro forze possono dare uno sviluppo turistico al territorio e all’indotto.

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