Excursions Mount Etna, Piano Provenzana

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Enjoy Piano Provenzana, through a rainbow of colors. The green of the NATURE, the red of the LAVA, the blue of the SKY, the white of the SNOW, the blue of the SEA and the imposing Mount Etna - World Heritage Site. Choose your favorite Etna tour among the many excursions Mount Etna.

4,5 / 5
  • Incl. cable car up to 2500m (roundtrip)
  • Incl. 4x4 bus from 2500m to 2900m (roundtrip)
  • Trekking around the Barbagallo Crater
  • View of the active summit craters
€ 78,00 p.p. (children € 50,00)
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  • Taste 3 or 4 Etna DOC wines
  • Incl. Sicilian local appetizers
  • Incl. Wine cellar + vineyard tour
  • Visit storical 'palmento'
From € 35.00 p.p. (min. 2 pers.)
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5 / 5
  • Horseback ride of 1,5 hour
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Experienced federal guide
  • Ride on Mount Etna or Linguaglossa
€ 30,00 per person
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5 / 5
  • Altitude 2200 meters
  • Buttonhole eruption 2002
  • Accompanied by an expert guide
  • Fracture 1911 - 1923
€ 30,00 per person
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5 / 5
  • From 1900 to 2500 meters
  • Cableway on Mount Etna
  • View on extinct craters
  • Bar at 2500 meters
€ 50,00 p.p. (children € 30,00 p.p.)
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  • Cooking with Sicilian moms
  • 3 Typical Sicilian dishes
  • Includes cooking apron and photos
  • Nearby Taormina and Catania
From €70.00 p.p.
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  • Start from the Alcantara Gorges
  • Touch the icy water of the Alcantara river
  • Drive trough the bed of the river
  • 2,5 Hours of quad driving
€ 90,00 per person
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  • Barbagallo Craters at 3000 m altitude
  • Lava flow channel
  • Cable car to 2500m altitude round trip included
  • Volcanological guide included
€ 100.00 p.p. (incl. cable car round trip)
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  • Donkey riding or donkey walking
  • Panoramic view of volcano Etna
  • Tour of 1 or 2 hours
  • Ideal for children and families
From € 20.00 per child
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  • Etna quad tour of 5 hours
  • Departure from Alcantara
  • Cave of Corruccio
  • Piano Provenzana altitude 1850m
€ 150,00 per quad
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  • Jeep tour of 5 hours
  • Touch the lava of the 2002 eruption
  • Visit a real lava cave
  • Maximum comfort and airco
from € 65,00 per person
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4,7 / 5
  • Incl. Etna cable car round trip
  • Incl. authorised volcanological guide
  • Visit Craters Barbagallo and Crater of 2001
  • Lava flow channel and fumaroles
€ 100.00 per person (incl. cable car)
More Info
  • Craters of 2002
  • Hornitos
  • Incl. guide
  • Excl. snowshoe
€30,00 per person
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Etna North or Etna South excursions? Here are our tips!

Piano Provenzana is the perfect destination to make your holiday unforgettable, search among the many excursions to see which one suits you best. The volcano Etna is huge and has two tourist slopes that you can reach by car:

  • Etna North
  • Etna South

Etna North Excursions

This side (called Piano Provenzana) is more rustic and natural and much less touristy. Here you can see a fantastic contrast between lava and nature.
From here you can ascend by 4x4 bus to almost 3,000 metres. But you can also take a quad bike tour or hike to the extinct craters at a lower altitude.
If you want to reach the active summit of the volcano Etna (3347 metres high), you can and should only do so via Etna Nord because of the high state of activity of the south-east crater, which is close to the southern slope.

Panoramic view Etna Nord Piano Provenzana

Etna South Excursions

The southern side of the volcano Etna is the most famous and therefore also the most touristy. Here you find the famous Etna cable car that takes you up to an altitude of 2,500 metres. Here, too, you can take the 4x4 bus and climb up to almost 3,000 metres. In winter, the 4x4 bus is replaced by a 'snowcat' used to transport people.
Also on this side of the volcano Etna, you can visit the lower craters or take a quad bike tour, for example.

Rifugio Sapienza Etna Sud

3 Tips to take into account when booking an Etna excursion

1. Book early!
Make sure you book your Etna excursion in advance. Because places are limited and sell out very quickly on many excursions. For example, there is a maximum of 10-12 people per licensed guide to hike Mount Etna to the top of the active volcano.

2. At the beginning of the holiday
Plan a visit to the volcano Etna at the beginning of your holiday. Assuming that the weather is bad at that time or that you are ill. In that case you will still have room to move the Etna excursion to a later date during your holiday. This way you will be sure not to skip or miss this unmissable visit!

3. Beware of scoundrels!
There are many excursion providers on Mount Etna. And there are many 'scoundrels'. Many companies advertise excursions that are no longer allowed, due to the increased activity of the volcano. So at the last minute you are told that the excursion has been cancelled, or you are offered an alternative that you had not chosen (and for which you often pay too much). Or the excursion is carried out anyway. Then know that you are participating in an illegal and potentially life-threatening excursion! So opt for honest information and professional, authorised guides!

Excursions Mount Etna and Altitude

Excursions Mount Etna up to 1800-1900 metres
This is the maximum altitude you can reach by car on Mount Etna. At Etna Nord the maximum altitude is 1800 metres at Piano Provenzana and at Etna Sud it is 1900 metres at Rifugio Sapienza.

Excursions Mount Etna from 2000 - 2500 metres
Want to see one of the last extinct craters up close? Here are two Etna excursions to choose from!

Excursions Mount Etna from 2600 metres - 3000 metres
With these excursions you arrive just below the summit craters. These excursions are suitable for everyone with easy trekking. The Etna Sud 3000m trek is for people with experience and good physical condition.

Excursions Mount Etna to the summit craters (3347 metres)
Mount Etna has four active craters. At the moment, it is only possible to visit the summit craters by ascending from the Etna North slope. To climb to the summit craters, it is important to be in good physical condition.

FAQ Excursions Mount Etna

1. How can I get to Mount Etna if I don't have a car?
If you don't have a car, you have three options:
1. Take the bus (AST Bus) from Catania to Rifugio Sapienza Etna Sud. There is currently no public transport connecting to Piano Provenzana - Etna Nord.
2. Take a taxi (warning: expensive!)
3. Choose an Etna excursion with pick-up service

2. Etna is erupting, is it dangerous?
Etna is an active volcano. You always have to be careful when the volcano decides to erupt. Etna is monitored by the Institute of Volcanology. As soon as there is 'danger', they activate the prevention systems through the civil protection. This means that it may be that an extraordinary ordinance is issued that lowers the maximum access altitude on the summit of Etna volcano.

3. Etna is erupting, can I still visit it?
This always depends on the activity. The maximum altitude always depends on the type of activity. Often, Mount Etna shows activity at the summit craters. In this case, excursions at lower altitudes can often continue without problems. If you have any doubts, contact your guide!