Alcantara quad tour, Alcantara gorges | 2,5 hours

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Tour start:
From 9.30 am
Tour duration:
2,5 Hours
€ 90,00 per person
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Alcantara quad tour of 2,5 hours

The Alcantara quad tour starts at the Alcantara Gorges square in summer. Otherwise the tour starts from Motta camastra, nearby the Alcantara gorges. After the briefing and meeting with your guide, you will set off to discover the Alcantara valley on a quad bike.

Itinerary Alcantara quad tour

The tour goes through scents of citrus and dry stream beds. You will spend 2,5 hours of pure fun. Off course you will stop to visit the bed of the Alcantara River so that you can touch the icy waters with your own hands. On the way you will make another stop in Motta Camastra, and from here you can take a photo of the majestic volcano Etna.

Highlights Alcantara quad tour

The Alcantara quad tours starts in the morning from 09.30 hour. You can choose the starting time you prefer, and we will find you the best solution! The tour takes more less 2,5 hours.

  • Start from the Alcantara Gorges or Motta Camastra
  • Drive through the bed of the Alcantara River
  • Touch the icy water of the Alcantara River
  • Total duration about 2,5 hours

You always need to be at least 15 minutes before departure at the starting point of the tour. The tours start from The Alcantara Gorges (summer) or Motta Camastra.

The price of the Alcantara quad bike tour of 2,5 hours is € 90,00 per quad. There can go 2 persons on 1 quad. This tour can be booked all year round, even in winter.

Alcantara quad tour guides
The tour will be accompanied by experienced and professional guides who will make you enjoy and respect Nature. During the tour they will tell you the stories of the volcano making your tour a beautiful and super adrenaline experience.

The quads are Polaris. These are automatic quad bikes. There can go 2 persons on 1 quad bike. The organization also provides a helmet and an under-helmet. Tours are given with respect for nature and as much safety as possible.

Clothing recommendations
Always carry a jacket. Sometimes the temperature can be a little cooler when riding the quad bike. Also, it is advisable to wear closed shoes. These can be good sports shoes, or hiking shoes. Also bring (sun) glasses. This way you avoid getting dust from other quads in your eyes. If you want to carry things along the road, bring a (small) backpack.

Etna quad biking requirements
To drive a quad bike, a minimum age of 18 years and a category B driving license are required. Children may ride on the rear as passengers. Children must be at least 6 years old. Pregnant women are not allowed to go on the quad bike tour.

Before starting the tour, you need to sign a rental contract to assume your responsibility. This contract will be provided by email. You can send a signed copy of this contract by email as well (don’t print, let’s safe trees!). Every driver of a quad bike needs to sign this contract.

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€ 90,00 per person

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