Body rafting Gole Alcantara

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Body rafting Gole Alcantara

Are you adventurous, love water and really want to dive into the Alcantara Gorges? Then body rafting Gole Alcantara is an experience not to be missed! Read all about this exciting excursion in the Alcantara River here.

Body rafting Gole Alcantara excursion

The excursion starts a few hundred meters downstream from the entrance to the Alcantara gorge. Here you will meet the guides who will assist you in this adventure and you will be given the equipment (diving suit, life jacket, helmet, water shoes).

Alcantara Gorges Gole dell'Alcantara body rafting
Body rafting Gole Alcantara Sicily startpoint

After you have done the dressing up phase you will have a short briefing and set off for the Gole Alcantara to start the body rafting activity. Included in the excursion is the entrance to the Gole dell'Alcantara via the municipal staircase.

The Body rafting Gole Alcantara route starts from a small sandy beach. Swimming, walking, clinging and jumping, you have to go up the Alcantara River for about 700 meters inside the canyon of the Gole Alcantara (The Alcantara Gorges in English).

When you arrive at the small 'cave' you have a quick break. During this break, the guide explains the return. Because it is now that the real body rafting Gole Alcantara begins! You go down the Alcantara River, letting the water carry you through fast currents and small waterfalls.

The river takes you back to the starting point. From the small beach of the Alcantara Gorges you climb up from the communal stairs to reach the starting point of the organization. Here you can change back, flush yourself with a water tube and buy something to eat or drink, if you wish.

Body rafting Gole Alcantara Anniek
Gole Alcantara Body Rafting Alcantara Gorges

Guide and body rafting instructor

The excursion will be accompanied by an experienced guide and body rafting instructor. The guide speaks Italian and English.

Price and details body rafting Gole Alcantara

Price & starttime
Would you like to book this excursion? The excursion is possible from mid-April to October. The excursion takes place 3 times a day. In high season (month July and August) the hike is only possible in the morning! When booking please indicate your preferred time:

  • Starttime 09.00 hour
  • Starttime 10.00 hour
  • Starttime 12.00 hour
  • Starttime 15.00 hour

The excursion costs €45.00 per person (adults) and €40.00 for children under 10 years old.

Tip: we really advice the starting time of 09.00 hour, because only at this time you find the river almost empty!


  • Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
  • Distance: approx. 700 meters - 1 km
  • Starttime: 09.00 hour, 10.00 hour, 12.00 hour or 15.00 hour (only on request in low season)


Diving suit
Water shoes
Life jacket
Entrance communal staircase Gole dell'Alcantara
The guide/body rafting instructor


X Drinks & snacks
X Towel
X Tip for the guide/ instructor (non obligatory)

Recommended clothing

Wear a swimming costume. The organization will provide you with a wetsuit and water shoes. Also bring a towel so that you can dry off afterwards. Don't forget to bring dry shoes or flip-flops for after the hike and possibly a bottle of water.

Body rafting Alcantara river
Body rafting Gole Alcantara fiume

Requirements Body rafting Alcantara Gorges.

In general, anyone with a normal health condition can participate in this body rafting excursion. However, you must be able to swim and a minimum height of 1.30 meters is required for the excursion.

The excursion is not recommended for people with physical and/or psychological problems. Pregnant women cannot participate in the excursion.

Can't participate, but want to watch?!

Can't participate in the excursion but want to go to the Alcantara River to see your friends/relatives? You can! Just mention it when you make your reservation! This way you will only pay the entrance fee for the communal stairs. 

When your friends/relatives are body rafting, you can enjoy the splendor of the gorge from the small beach or just walk with your feet in the icy water. (Tip: wear sports shoes that can get wet!).

Address & meeting point

This is THE real body rafting in the Alcantara Gorges! We meet in front of the Alcantara Gorges, next to the gas station. You can park here for free if you book the excursion with us.

There is also a restroom and a bar at the facility. You can then purchase a tasty snack or drink while enjoying your unforgettable experience in the Alcantara River!

Address: SS185, 2, 98030 Motta Camastra ME*

* With your reservation we send you the address, directions and a link to Google Maps.

Body rafting Gole Alcantara gorges

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5,0 / 5
4,0 / 5
“Gole Alcantara body rafting”

My 3 children aged 21, 17 and 12 had an amazing gorge body rafting experience with Antonio who was their guide. He was super fun and professional and they loved every minute. Thank you.

1 July 2023 – Lucy Cienkus, Scotland
From € 40,00 p.p.

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