Etna Wine tasting with appetizers + vineyard tour

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2 hours
From € 35.00 p.p. (minimum 2 persons)
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Etna Wine tasting with appetizers + vineyard tour + guided Palmento tour and wine cellar

Would you like to taste a real Sicilian wine from the Etna volcano? Then opt for this Etna wine tasting! During this tasting you will taste 3 or 4 different Etna wines. The tasting will also be accompanied by various small local appetizers such as cold cuts, cheese, olives and olive oil with fresh bread. At this wine tasting, the focus is really on tasting the wines.

Before, or after the tasting, you will get a tour of the vineyard, visit the wine cellar and the beautiful authentic Palmento (press room).

Includes 3 or 4 wines and local appetizers
Includes tour of vineyard & visit authentic Palmento
Includes wine cellar visit

Wine barrels wine cellar Calcagno cantina Passopisciaro
Arcuria Etna Rosato rose wine Calcagno

Description Etna wine tasting, vineyard & palmento tour and wine cellar tour

In the middle of the village of Passopisciaro, near the north face of the Etna volcano, you will find the wine cellar (cantina) of Calcagno wines. These award-winning wines are praised for their excellent quality and unique flavour profiles.

During the wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to taste 3 or 4 of these best wines (depending on availability). All the wines are DOC wines. DOC stands for "Denominazione di Origine Controllata". It is a designation of origin and says more about the quality and what goes into the bottle of wine. The wine is accompanied by locally baked fresh bread, drizzled with homemade olive oil, two types of local cheese and delicious salami.

If you prefer a more elaborated experience, you can also opt for the tasting with additional complementary appetizers, such as a fresh omelette, a tasty salad of chickpeas and authentic bruschettas. With this, you choose a culinary adventure that stimulates all your senses!

At Calcagno's wine cellar, your taste experience is central. Thus, during the tasting, you have the freedom to indicate your preference, whether white, rosé or red. Let yourself be taken on a journey of discovery through these beautiful wines as you explore the wine cellar, palmento and vineyard.

Before (or after) the tasting, you will have a tour of the vineyard, visit the palmento and visit the wine cellar.

Please note: this wine tasting is not a full lunch, but really a taste experience where the tasting of the wine and the unique surroundings are central. The appetizers can be compared to an aperitivo.

Discover the authentic flavours of Sicily with the wines of Calcagno. Book your wine tasting now and be enchanted by Giusy's passion for wine and tradition.

Details Etna wine tasting with appetizers + tour of vineyard, wine cellar and palmento

  • Location: Passopisciaro
  • Time: upon request
  • Duration wine tasting and guided tour: approximately 2 hours

What are you going to taste and eat*?

Red wine
Rosé wine
White wine
Local salami
2 Types of local cheese

Freshly bakes bread
Homemade olive oil
Fresh omelettes
Authentic bruschettas
Tasty salad of chickpeas

Please note that fresh, local products are always used. This means that the selection may vary depending on the time period/season.

Nerello Mascalese Calcagno wine winecellar Etna
Palmento agingroom press wine Etna volcano
Franco Giusy Gianni vini Calcagno

Cantina Calcagno's 9 Etna wines

Cantina Calcagno has 9 wines. During the tasting, you can indicate your preference (based on availability) to taste more white or red wines, for example.

  • Ginestra, Etna Bianco DOC
  • Primazappa, Etna Bianco DOC
  • Rifunniri, Etna Bianco DOC
  • Riterza, Etna Bianco DOC
  • Romice delle sciare, Etna Rosato DOC
  • Feudo di mezzo, Etna Rosso DOC
  • Arcuria, Etna Rosso DOC
  • Nireddu, Etna Rosso DOC
  • Caderara. Etna Rosso DOC

The vineyard is a 2-minute drive from the 'Cantina'. Together with Giusy (and/or her father), you drive here. Here you will discover a beautiful piece of nature and overlook many vineyards.

You will learn about the eye for detail throughout the winemaking process by visiting the ageing room called "Palmento".

Wine cellar
The wine cellar (cantina) is located in the village of Passopisciaro. This is basically where the wine tasting starts. This is where you visit the wine cellar with both authentic wine barrels and stainless steel tanks.

Vineyard view Calcagno Etna wines Passopisciaro

Opening hours & winery location

Opening hours

Wine tasting is available all year round. From Monday to Sunday, you are welcome to come and taste these genuine Sicilian Etna wines between 10am and 6pm. However, reservations are essential and a minimum of 2 people is required.


The winery is located in Passopisciaro, near the Etna volcano. An ideal location before or after a visit to Etna volcano or the Gole dell'Alcantara!

Prices & options

The basic wine tasting costs €35.00 per person. You will taste 3 wines and get a cheese/meat board with fresh local bread. Would you prefer something more elaborated and including more appetizers? Then opt for the Sicilian wine tasting. You will then pay €45 per person. You will then get to taste 4 wines as well as a number of additional appetizers.

Basic wine tasting
You will taste 3 wines and be served bread with olive oil and a meat/cheese board: €35.00 p.p.

Sicilian wine tasting
You will taste 4 wines accompanied by a variety of local snacks: € 45,00 p.p. (most popular!)

If you have any allergies or special wishes, please inform us together with your reservation request and we will be happy to take them into consideration.

No payment in advance

Free cancellation

100% Fun

3 (or 4) Types of wine
Various local appetizers
Visit vineyard
Visit authentic palmento (press)
Visit wine cellar
Wine tasting

X Tipping (not mandatory)


The wine tasting will be hosted at a winery in Passopisciaro. Situated super centrally between the Etna volcano, the Nebrodi and the Alcantara river.

Along with the booking, we will send you the voucher with all the details, the address and a link to Google Maps.

  • Distance Rifugio Sapienza - wine cellar: 75 minutes
  • Distance Piano Provenzana - wine cellar: 35 minutes
  • Distance Alcantara - wine cellar: 25 minutes
  • Location winery: Passopisciaro
Feudo di mezzo Calcagno wine doc Etna

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