Mount Etna 3000m trekking – Etna Sud

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Tour start:
09.00 hour
Tour duration:
5 to 6 hours
€ 100.00 p.p. (incl. cable car round trip)
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Mount Etna 3000m trekking - Etna Sud

Do you love hiking and you want to explore the southern slope of Mount Etna? Join us on the Mount Etna 3000m. trekking! With this excursion you take the cable car (cable car included in this price!) up to 2500 meters. From here starts the hike to an altitude of 3000 meters on Mount Etna. This is a trekking of about 5/6 hours in total.

Itinerary Etna Sud 3000m trekking

Etna Sud 3000m trekking is suitable for everyone as long as you have good physical condition, and 10 years old and above.

The meeting point to start for this Etna Sud 3000m trek, is on the southern slope of Mount Etna at Rifugio Sapienza - Nicolosi. When you arrive at the Piazzale di Rifugio Sapienza, you will meet the guides who will assist you for the trek from 1900 m. up to an altitude of 3000 meters on the Mount Etna volcano.

Along the way you will stop at a few viewpoints to take photos of the Etna volcano.

Details Mount Etna 3000m trekking

  • Meeting: 08.30 am Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza - Etna Sud
  • Departure: 09.00 am by cable car (included in the price)
  • Return: 14:00 / 15:00 approx.
  • Total duration: 5/6 hours
  • Length: 8 km
  • Total elevation gain: +500 meters and -500 meters

Mount Etna 3000m trekking - Etna Sud

In the morning you meet with the guide at Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza Etna Sud. After the volcanological guide's briefing, you head in the direction of the Etna cable car. Together you will take the cable car up from an altitude of 1900 meters to an altitude of 2500 meters.

From an altitude of 2500m, the real trekking begins to the foot of the summit craters at an altitude of 3000m. During the hike we cross several old lava flows, visit a lava flow channel,visit the Barbagallo craters at an altitude of 2900m and the craters formed during the 2001 eruption. We also see the summit craters and activity of recent periods and overlook the edge of the Bove Valley.

On the way down we pass by several viewpoints until we arrive back at the cable car station at an altitude of 2500m. We then take the cable car again to return to the Rifugio Sapienza Piazzale at 1900m altitude.

The maximum altitude that is reached on this Etna Sud 3000 m trek is around an altitude of 3000 meters. The border of the active summit craters is at an altitude of 3300 meters.

Mount Etna Sud 3000m trekking
Border crater Etna South
Crater Barbagallo Etna Sud trekking

Hours and availability

The Mount Etna 3000m trekking - Etna Sud is available daily on reservation, even in winter with snow (extra charge required)! The excursion begins at 09.00 am in the morning. However, you need to be there already at 08:30 so that you can meet with the volcanological guide and have a briefing. Your equipment will be checked and we will provide you with a helmet, poles and a windbreaker jacket if you need it. 

Mount Etna 3000m trekking - Etna Sud price*

The Etna Sud 3000m trek costs € 100.00 per person (€ 50.00 for the hike + € 50.00 for the cable car). The trek will take place with a minimum participation of 7/8 people. The group is often up to a maximum of 20 people and the volcanicological guide.

It is possible to pay on the day of the excursion, directly to the guide. We do not ask for any payment in advance. Since we work on trust. We trust you to show up when you book and you can trust us to have the guide ready for you when you book!


Trekking Etna Sud 3000m
Cable car ticket a/r (€ 50.00 INCLUDED)
Lava flow channel
Barbagallo Craters
Panoramic view over the Bove Valley
Several lava flows
Volcanological guide
Hiking shoes (if not owned)
Windproof jacket (if needed)
Insurance in case of accidents


X Drinks and food
X Tip for the guide (not mandatory)

* At the guide's discretion, excursions may be changed or discontinued if weather conditions, environmental causes, or possible volcanic risks pose any kind of danger.

Parking Etna Sud
You can find ample parking at Etna Sud. This is a paid parking lot; there are several places to buy a day ticket for the car.

Lava flow channel trekking Etna 3000m
Trekking Etna sud 3000m
Lava trekking Etna sud 3000m


During this Mount Etna 3000m trekking you will be accompanied by regularly licensed volcanological guides who are experts in the area. The guides speak Italian, English and/or French.

Requirements Mount Etna 3000m trekking

Clothing and shoes
It is mandatory to wear good hiking shoes during the hike. These can also be provided through volcanological guides (free of charge). Also, it is necessary to dress in layers and bring a jacket (It can also be provided by the guide, free of charge). The weather can change rapidly in the mountains. We recommend:

  • Long pants (mountain)
  • T-shirt + extra T-shirt
  • Sweatshirt (with hood)
  • Windbreaker jacket
  • Medium/long socks
  • Backpack

Food and drink
No food or drinks are included. You must bring at least 1.5 liters of water. We recommend that you bring:

  • Backpack
  • At least 1.5 liters of water
  • Snacks (salty and sweet)
  • Gatorade
  • Packed lunch

You can also buy something in one of the bars at Etna Sud before you go up by the Etna cable car, or in the bar at an altitude of 2,500 meters as soon as you get off the cable car.

Restrictions Mount Etna 3000m trekking

This hike is not allowed to:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children from 0 to 10 years old
  • People with back problems
  • People with knee problems
  • People who are not used to walking


  • Book in advance, limited availability!!!
excursion trekking Etna Sud 3000m
Group trekking Etna sud
Crater Barbagallo Etna Sud

Booking request

Languages spoken by guides

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
€ 100.00 p.p. (incl. cable car round trip)

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Pay on the day of the excursion.

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