Linguaglossa | On September 10, 2021, the Linguaglossa strain sausage will become a Slow Food Presidium. This is a very important award for the sausage, which today is still processed entirely in an artisanal way in Linguaglossa.

How is strain sausage made?

The Linguaglossa strain sausage is made on a wooden log (cippu). The selected pork meat is cut with a ‘pattatore’ and is then kneaded by hand and seasoned with:

  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • Wild fennel seeds

Wild fennel is harvested on Mount Etna. Then there are butchers who add a personal touch, adding other flavors. For example, sausage seasoned with sun-dried tomato and provola cheese.

After the sausage is kneaded, it is stuffed into a natural casing and tied with natural twine. After a night of rest, it is displayed for sale.

Would you like to try this sausage after an experience on the Etna volcano? Here is the list of butcher shops in Linguaglossa!

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