25 June 2024 | Etna volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes, has been showing impressive stombolic activity again for a few days now. The central summit crater has come back to life with spectacular lava fountains and the ejection of lapilli (small volcanic pebbles). These eruptions create a breathtaking spectacle, delighting locals and tourists alike.

Volcanic Activity

Etna’s recent eruptions have been characterised by a series of stombolic explosions, known for their regular intervals of eruptions and lava fountains. This form of volcanic activity is named after the island of Stromboli, which is also known for such eruptions. Etna’s lava fountains reach impressive heights and illuminate the night sky with a red glow, while lapilli descend like a rain of fire on the volcano’s flanks.

Lava eruzione Etna volcano 2024 June sunset
Craters Summit top Etna Volcano
Etna top craters summit eruption lava

Visit the Top Craters at Sunset

For those who want to experience this natural phenomenon up close, a unique excursion is available. The Etna Summit Craters Sunset and Lava excursion offers the opportunity to explore the volcano and witness its spectacular sunset activity. This experience, which starts from Piano Provenzana, leads visitors to the summit craters at an altitude of 3347 metres, where they can enjoy the breathtaking views and impressive volcanic activity.

During the excursion, you will have the chance to admire Etna’s fascinating craters and lava fountain. The guides, experts in volcanology, will explain the history and geology of the volcano, as well as its current activity. This excursion is an unforgettable experience for nature lovers and adventurers who want to experience up close the power and beauty of an active volcano.

Further information and bookings

For more information on this exciting excursion and to book your spot, visit this page: Etna Top Craters Sunset and Lava Excursion. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience one of Europe’s most impressive volcanic eruptions up close! Please note: limited places!

This news item not only highlights Etna’s current volcanic activity, but also highlights the opportunity for those interested to experience this spectacular force of nature in person.

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