About us

The logo of pianoprovenzana.com

For tourists, Mount Etna is the highest active volcano in Europe. For “us”, Mount Etna is our mountain, and in Sicilian we call it “a Muntagna”.

It was with this in mind that the logo for the pianoprovenzana.com website was created, representing the volcano Etna, but as a mountain.

The colours represent the blue of the Sky, the green of Nature and the blue of the Sea. These are the three elements that surround Piano Provenzana, which with its fiery heart dominates the Etna Nord – Linguaglossa slope, classifying it a World Heritage Site.

Piano Provenzana

The birth of Pianoprovenza.com

The project Pianoprovenzana.it was born from the collaboration of two people, one born and linked to this area from birth, and one with a great desire to travel and discover new places to move to this magical place.

In this long period of stop due to covid we thought to transmit and make known our side of Mount Etna in an authentic way as we see it with our eyes.

Because our territory of Etna Nord needs only to be enhanced, for the rest it has all the credentials to be increasingly competitive and excel in the demands of visitors. Etna Nord is unique for its food and wine excellence, for its nature and for its volcanic aspect.

Etna Nord offers emotions. And we help you to experience these emotions! Etna Nord: a rollercoaster of emotions

About us

Are you curious to know who we are? Let us introduce ourselves!

Alessandro Lo Giudice
I was born in Linguaglossa with an immense passion for the volcano. Even as a child I explored the Etna area. I am a mountain enthusiast, a member of the Club Alpino Italiano and a great connoisseur of Mongibello

For more than 18 years I have been investing in this area to make Etna known in an alternative and adventurous way, with my business organising quad bike excursions, always with the utmost respect for nature and maximum safety!

Alessandro e Anniek

Anniek Bakker
I was born in the Netherlands and grew up with an immense love for Italy. About 6 years ago I found the love of my life in Sicily, right on the volcano Etna. So it’s safe to say that ‘Etna Nord offers emotions’! I have a degree in marketing, I am qualified to be a touristic guide and I have been working in the field of marketing and tourism for over 12 years.

Our aim is to excite people and make them discover the secrets of the Etna volcano, especially the North side. Because on the north side of the volcano there is a beautiful contrast between lava and incomparable nature.

In addition, the beauty of the area should be made known to as many people as possible away from the mainstream, because beautiful things need to be shared.

As Anniek did, the next one will be you falling in love with this land!

Etna Emotion

Climbing to the top of Mount Etna is truly an unparalleled experience. When you feel your breath quicken, not only because of the effort and the altitude but also because you can see the active crater getting closer and closer, your heart accelerates.

The paradox is that as you get closer to the summit, the rhythm of your steps becomes more and more cheerful, as if knowing that you have the top of the volcano at your fingertips recharges you with new energy, to the point of unloading your exhaustion.

You reach the top. If someone could look at you right now, they would only see a big smile of satisfaction painted on your face, expressing “I made it”!

The reward? The mythical view from above that makes you feel like the king of the world.

Crateri sommitali Etna vulcano