Explore Mount Etna

Etna North area

Discover Piano Provenzana, Etna nord, that belongs to the territory of Linguaglossa and is part of the Etna Regional Park. The uniqueness of this side of Etna is the real natural contrast, you can see, between the forest and the volcanic rocks.

Etna Nord offers different possibilities for those who love walking, mountain biking in the mountains, or enjoy experiences among paths, caves and nature.

Eruptions of Mount Etna
Etna trails
Etna caves

From the moment you take the “Mareneve” road to go up (those 18 km that from Linguaglossa take you to Piano Provenzana) you remain enchanted by the lava flow of 1923 colonized by vineyards and olive groves.

As the curves continue uphill, they give way to the vegetation of broom, chestnuts and oaks until you reach the green heart of Etna Nord, the Ragabo pine forest.