Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day

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Tour start:
9.30 a.m. or 2.30 p.m.
Tour duration:
Half day
€ 150,00 per quad
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Mount Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day

A quad bike experience on Mount Etna is a must. You are the driver of your own adventure on Mount Etna. With the highest respect for nature, accompanied by the experienced guide, you will discover hidden treasures on Mount Etna. Choose the Mount Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day to see old lava flows, visit a lava cave and explore the Ragabo forest.

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Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day itinerary

The Etna quad bike tour starts from Rifugio Ragabo, Linguaglossa Etna Nord, at a high of 1400 meters on Mount Etna. This means you get a real Etna quad bike experience!

Among lava paths and centuries-old woods, you will touch the lava rocks of the last big eruption in 2002. Also you will visit the old lava flows of the eruption of 1865 and 1923. With good weather you will have amazing views from those lava flows towards Taormina and the Italian coast.

We reach an altitude of 1850 meters where we admire the devastation of Piano Provenzana on 27 October 2002. To make the Etna quad bike tour on the Etna volcano even more adventurous, you will stop in a lava flow cave, and after you descend inside you can say you have really experienced Mount Etna! You will drive more less 80% of the tour in off road, trough the beautiful Ragabo pine forest.

The Mount Etna quad bike tour guarantees 100% satisfaction for off road enthusiasts and adventurers alike!

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Starttime and availability

The quad tour is possible from April till November. In the winter period they are closed. The tours are every day possible, but only on reservation. The half day Etna quad bike tour starts 2 times a day:

  • Start 09.30 hour
  • Start 14.30 hour

In the spring and fall, the tour starts mainly in the morning, as it gets dark early and temperatures are low in the late afternoon. Please indicate your preferred time with your booking request.

The tour takes more less 3,5 hours. During the tour you do different stops to admire the beauty of Mount Etna. The guide will explain you more about the history during those stops.

Note: While other organizations sometimes ride with as many as 20 quad bikes at a time, this organization chooses to do the tours in "small" groups. This way the quality always remains high! This often means a maximum of 6 - 8 quads per guide. The organization chooses to guide small groups so as to ensure high quality. This means limited availability.


You need to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the tour. This way the guide has time to explain you how to drive the quad, you can try the right helmet and you can go to the bathroom if needed. You can park your car opposite or next to Rifugio Ragabo. There is plenty of free parking here.

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Price Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day

Price Etna quad bike tour 1/2 day

The Etna quad bike tour costs € 150.00 per quad. A maximum of 2 people can ride on 1 quad bike. The price is always the same, whether you go alone or with 2 people on 1 quad.

We don't ask any prepayment! You can pay on the day of the quad bike tour, directly to your guide. We work on the principle of trust. You can trust us that there will be a quad ready for you when you book. And we trust you to show up when you book.

You can pay for the quad bike tour by cash, ATM or credit card. There is no ATM nearby to withdraw money!

Quad bike tour of 3,5 hours
Visit to a lava flow cave
Old lava flows of 1865, 1923 and 2002
Drive through the Ragabo pine forest
Visit Piano Provenzana at 1850 meters
With accompanying tour guide

X Drinks and food
X Tip for the guide (not obligatory)

Guides & languages

The tour will be accompanied by experienced and professional guides who will make you enjoy and respect Nature. During the tour they will tell you the stories of the volcano making your tour a beautiful and super adrenaline experience. Depending on the guide, they will speak Italian, English and/or French.

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Requirements quad bike tour

Clothing tips
Be sure to wear layered clothing and bring a good (windproof) jacket. Keep in mind that even in high season the temperature drops when driving at 1400 - 1850 meters high on a Mountain and in a forest. We therefore always recommend to bring a jacket! You can get dirty while quad biking. So do not wear white and/or new clothing.

It is also advisable to wear good closed shoes. For example, hiking boots or sports shoes with good grip, since we make several stops where we walk on solidified lava.

Also bring (sun) glasses. This way you avoid getting dust from other quads in your eyes.

Food and drinks
If you want to bring food and drinks on the tour we advice you to bring a small backpack. You can buy a bottle of water or a snack at the bar of Rifugio Ragabo where we start from. During the tour you make a stop at Piano Provenzana where you can use the bathroom and buy something to eat/ drink if you wish.

Quad bikes

The quads are Polaris. These are automatic quad bikes. There can go 2 persons on 1 quad bike. The organization also provides a helmet and an under-helmet. Tours are given with respect for nature and as much safety as possible.

Etna quad biking requirements

Restrictions Etna quad bike tour

This tour is not recommended/ accessible to:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Children of 0 - 5 year
  • People with back problems
  • people with cardiac problems
  • people with severe knee/walking problems
  • Animals

We drive 80% off-road. This is hugely bumpy and this is definitely not good for the fetus. Driving off-road also means a lot of dust, this is not good for young children.

Minimum age & driving license

To drive a quad bike, a minimum age of 18 years and a category B driving license are required. Children may ride on the rear as passengers. Children must be at least 6 years old. Pregnant women are not allowed to go on the quad bike tour.

Rental contract quad bike

Before starting the tour, you need to sign a rental contract to assume your responsibility. This contract will be provided by email. You can send a signed copy of this contract by email as well (don't print, let's safe trees!). Every driver of a quad bike needs to sign this contract.

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FAQ quad biking

There are 3 of us and only 1 person wants/is allowed to drive a quad bike. Do you have a solution?

Yes, there is a solution to this. 1 of you can then join the guide on the back. This person pays only half the price of the quad tour. So € 75.00 in this case.

I have a small dog, can I bring him/here?

No sorry, this is not possible. We drive about 80% off-road. This is too bumpy for a dog and the tour takes too long for this. In addition, there is often a lot of windblown dust, which is not nice for the dog too. We also have no possibility to leave the dog somewhere, while you are on the tour.

My child is 5, can't he/ she really come?

The organization recommends a minimum age of 6. This is because the tour is much off-road and there may be a lot of dust. As a parent/guardian, you are responsible. If you feel that your son/daughter is strong enough to hold on for 3.5 hours (there are breaks) and can handle the tour, then he/she may join us. Please note that we cannot return earlier in between because there will be other participants and there is no refund if you decide to stop earlier.

Can we have a private quad bike tour?

Yes, a private tour is possible. However, there are additional charges for this. Please indicate in your booking request if you are interested in this.

Is there a pick-up service to get to the starting point?

No, the organization unfortunately does not offer a pick-up service. Additionally, there is no public transportation to the starting point. The only option is to get here yourself by car.

The road to Rifugio Ragabo is a good paved road, where for example the Giro d'Italia also passed.

If you don't have your own car, you can ask for a cab or transfer service. Note that renting a car yourself is often much cheaper!

What happens with bad weather?

With a very little rain, the quad tour can go on as usual. Just make sure to bring your own proper clothing. With a prediction of very bad weather (rain and/or thunderstorms), the organization may decide to cancel the tour. In that case, we can look for a new date.

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  • Italian


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5,0 / 5
4,0 / 5
“Amazing Ride!”

We did the Tour in September. The Weather was perfekt for that kind of Tour. Our group was small (4 Quads including the Tourguide) and it was an amazing Ride! The Tourguide was very friendly and led us to intresting places. Total recommandation!

10 September 2023 – Friedrich, Germany
€ 150,00 per quad

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