Etna Summit tour with 4×4 bus (round trip) – 3347m

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Tour start:
Daily at 08.00 hour or 13.30 hour
Tour duration:
5 Hours
€ 120.00 p.p. (incl. 4x4 round trip)
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Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) - 3347m

Do you want to go to the real top of the Etna volcano at 3347m altitude? This is now possible again with the "Etna summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) excursion"! You go with this excursion with the 4×4 off-road bus to 2900 meters altitude. From here you will walk to the summit of Mount Etna. Once at the top you can enjoy a magnificent view of the top Etna volcano crater where the smoke is still coming out. After this visit you will walk back to 2900 meters and take the 4×4 unimog bus back to Piano Provenzana at 1800m altitude.

Including 4x4 bus from 1800m to 2900m a/r
Including authorised volcanological guide
Including trekking to summit craters at 3347m

Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) itinerary

The Etna Summit tour excursion starts from Piano Provenzana - Etna Nord. Here you get on the 4×4 unimog bus that takes you from 1800 meters altitude to 2900 meters altitude to Piano delle Concazze. From here the trekking to the summit of Etna volcano begins. This is a trekking with 500 meters difference in altitude that takes about 2 hours. In total, the distance to cover to the summit is about 4.5 km.

Downhill Mount Etna volcano
Crater Mouth Etna Crater summit tour
4x4 lava Etna tour
Etna volcano Etna North bus 4x4
Etna summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) - excusrion summit craters Etna

Once at the summit of Mount Etna, we will enjoy breathtaking views. We will walk along the rim of the great Central Crater where we will look at the active mouths inside. Then we will look down into the vertiginous North-East Crater. We will also admire the famous South-East Crater, testimony to the last powerful eruptions. In addition to seeing these active summit craters, you will be able to admire a landscape of yellow and white sulphites, the gases they emit and the solidified black lava that surrounds them. It is an exciting and breathtaking experience that will leave you speechless!

After exploring the summit, the return path will be a scenic journey through fine volcanic ash and scoriae. You will enjoy stunning views of the Sicilian coastline all along the way. Once back at an altitude of around 2825 metres, we will take the 4x4 bus back to Piano Provenzana, the starting and finishing point of this extraordinary adventure in Sicily.

During the Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus we will take pleasant breaks to discover the history, formation and unique features of the volcano. It is a perfect way to learn while enjoying the scenery!

No prepayment

Free cancellation

100% fun

Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) price

This excursion is available by reservation only. Be sure to book in advance as places are limited! This is because each volcano guide can have a maximum of 10-12 people in his group. It is possible that you will be divided by language for the explanations, so there may be some more or less in your group. But there is always 1 volcano guide per 10/12 people!

Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus price

  • € 120,00 per person (adults)
  • € 110,00 children (10-12 years)

You can pay the guide on the day of the excursion by presenting your reservation (the voucher we send you). We do not ask for any advance payment, because we work on a trust basis. You can pay for the excursion on the day itself, in cash, by debit card or credit card.


Up + down with the 4x4 off-road bus from 1800m to 2900m
Trekking to the summit craters at 3347m
Visit to the North-East Crater
Visit to the Central Crater
Panoramic view of the Sicilian coastline
Authorised volcanological guide (Italian and English speaking - other language on request)
Walking poles
Safety helmet
Insurance in case of accidents (insurance through the volcano guides)
Windjacket (on request - please indicate size)
Hiking boots (on request - please indicate size)
Advice on getting there and parking

X Food & drinks
X Parking lot Piano Provenzana (€3.00 per car)
X Tip for the guide (not required)

Payment and booking confirmation:

We do not ask for advance payment, we work on a trust base! You can pay on the day of the tour, directly to the guide. You can pay by cash, pin or credit card. Upon booking you will receive a confirmation with all the details and the booking voucher by email.

No prepayment

Free cancellation

100% fun

Etna summit tour craters with 4x4 bus
Trekking summit crater Etna volcano
Border summit crater Mount Etna excursion trekking

Departure times and availability Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus

The Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) excursion starts daily by reservation. An excursion to the summit crater is only possible via Etna Nord due to the activity of the volcano (this is already the case since July 2021!). We have different starting times. The starttime depends on the available guide that day. This is an indication of the starting times:

  • Present: 07.45 hour, start around 08.00 hour
  • Present: 08.30 hour, start around 09.00 hour
  • Present 13.15 hour, start around 13.30 hour*
  • Present 14.00 hour, start around 14.15 hour*

! Departure only on reservation! A minimum number of participants is required to start the excursion.

The total excursion takes about 5 hours. This means you will be back around 1:00 - 1:30 pm if you do the morning excursion, or around 6:15 - 6:30 - 7.00 pm if you do the afternoon excursion.

*The afternoon excursion is only available in high season (July and August normally).

➤ Normally available from May until November (weather permitting!)

Meetingpoint Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus

With the booking, you will receive a voucher from us with all the information. You will also receive a handy flyer showing the exact location of the meeting point (with a photo for recognition), a link to Google Maps and information on how to get there and where to park.

  • Meetingpoint: Piano Provenzana - Etna Nord (1800m)

Volcanological guides and language

The Etna summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip) is accompanied by professionally trained and authorised volcanological guides. The volcanological guide always speaks Italian and English. Sometimes it is possible to request a volcanological guide who speaks French or German.

During the excursion, the volcanological guide will be your point of reference. The guide will also tell you about the volcano Etna and its eruptions during the excursion.

Specifications Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip)

  • Hike duration: 2 hours up + about 1,5 hour down
  • Length: around 6 km
  • Duration: around 5 hours in total
  • Trekking starting point altitude: 2825 meters
  • Highest point: 3347 meters
  • Height difference: 500 meters approx.
  • Difficulty: for excursionists with walking experience

The duration may vary from excursion to excursion. This always depends on the weather, wind and volcano activity, among other things. The average is about 2 hours walking uphill (3.5 km) and 1.5 hours walking downhill. Safety always comes first!

When possible

The volcano guides have indicated that they are again operating the excursion to the summit crater via Etna Nord. This means that this trekking to the summit of Etna volcano is now possible again. This excursion by 4x4 bus (round trip) is new and possible since the end of June 2023.

The volcano guide determines each morning whether or not it is responsible to conduct the excursion. For example, they look at the vibrations of the volcano and the weather. So this can mean that your excursion may be canceled last minute. There is nothing we can do about this, because the safety of everyone is the first priority! However, they always offer an alternative excursion so that you can still see and explore Etna (and the possible eruption!).

Etna Summit tour hike Mount Etna 3347m
Top crater Etna volcano smoke
Sulfur Etna volcano Top crater smoke
Etna 3347m trekking hike summit craters

Requirements Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round trip)

This tour is forbidden for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Children from 0 to 10 years
  • People with back problems
  • People with heart problems
  • People with respiratory problems
  • People with severe knee/walking problems

For this Etna summit craters excursion is required:

  • Good physical condition
  • Good level of fitness
  • Layered clothing
  • Good walking shoes (available on request - free of charge)
  • Jacket (available on request - free of charge)

FAQ Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus (round way)

1. What should we wear for during the Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus excursion?
In general, we always recommend dressing in layers. Wear good hiking boots. Also, always take a sweatshirt or jacket with you, even in the middle of summer. It is really cooler high up on the volcano. If you do not have a jacket, it is possible to borrow one through the volcano guides. In this case, please tell us your size when booking!

It is often the wind that makes the weather cold (even in summer!). So remember to wear a hat and/or scarf. Don't have a hat with you? Then think about a pullover with a hood or a jacket with a hood.

In summer, it is sometimes possible to make the excursion in shorts. However, you will never meet a volcanological guide in shorts. This is because long trousers offer protection from the heat of the sun, which is also reflected by the black lava. They also offer protection from the sometimes sharp lava rocks and sand. So we always recommend long trousers!

2. What shoes should I wear?
Good hiking boots are mandatory for this excursion. No hiking boots with you on holiday? No problem! You can borrow them free of charge from the volcano guides. Just make sure you have the right socks and let us know your shoe size when you book!

3. Is there a better time to go up?
In general, we always recommend this excursion in the morning. There is often more cloud cover during the day, which means less visibility. In addition, in the afternoons of the summer months, there is a greater possibility of thunderstorms, for example. If there is a possibility of thunderstorms, the excursion will be cancelled. However, we will always check with you the possibility of moving your excursion booking to another day!

4. What happens if the volcano Etna erupts or increases in activity?
Note that the vibrations of the volcano are monitored daily by the institute of volcanology. The guides are in close contact with the institute. Should the state of activity increase, the maximum permitted number of visits may be changed. In this case, you will be offered an alternative excursion or may decide to cancel free of charge.

It may also be that the activity lasts only a few hours. Often the excursion is also possible the next day, without any problems. Your volcano guide will advise you on this.

5. Is it possible to rent clothes and shoes?
Yes, you can rent a jacket or hiking boots directly from your guide. Mountain shoes and a jacket are included in the excursion price. However, you must indicate in advance if you need them. Please also indicate your size.

6. Is the Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus to 3347m suitable for children?
No, this excursion is not suitable for children. It is a challenging excursion over uneven terrain on an active volcano. In addition, the altitude at which you walk makes this excursion unsuitable for children. The minimum age for this excursion is 10 years. However, children between the ages of 10 and 12 can only participate if they are in good physical condition, already have hiking experience and their parents fully guarantee this.

7. On the day I booked, the weather is bad, and now?
The weather is the one thing we cannot control for you. In case of bad weather on the day of the excursion, the volcano guide will contact you. They often do this via Whatsapp. Together with the volcano guide and us, we will be able to find a new date for your excursion if it cannot be made due to bad weather. If no other date can be found, we will cancel the excursion free of charge!

Be careful though! Did you know that sometimes at the starting point, at 1900 metres, it can be cloudy, while at 2900 or summit the sky is blue? In this case you climb above the clouds. And honestly? That makes the experience even more unique!!!

The volcano guide determines each morning whether the excursion should be done. The volcano guides take in account for example the activity of the volcano, the weather conditions and account reports from the volcanology institute. This can mean that the excursion can be cancelled at the last minute. There is nothing we can do about this, as everyone's safety is the top priority! However, they always offer an alternative excursion so that you can still see and explore Etna (and the possible eruption!).

8. Do I have to book or can I also go without a reservation?
This excursion is only available by advance booking. Each guide can accompany a maximum of 10 to 12 people. This means that places are very limited. Make sure you book your excursion in time!

Why book through us?

  • 100% honest and up-to-date information
  • No hidden extra costs
  • We only work with authorised guides
  • Best availability
  • Lots of free extra tips and explanations

We collaborate with several volcano guides. Thanks to our network, we can guarantee maximum availability! We only collaborate with officially authorised professional volcano guides.

9. Is a pick-up and drop-off possible?
Yes, we can always try to organize this for you. This service is always on request and there will be charged an additional cost. If you need a pick-up, please indicate this in your request with the pick-up location (name accommodation + address).

10. Is the ticket for the 4x4 bus included in this price?
Yes, it is. Our price is 'all-inclusive'. So there are no hidden or extra costs.

11. Is it possible to cancel my booking?
Yes, this is always possible. You can easily send us an email or a message on Whatsapp. Of course we appreciate it if you cancel as soon as possible. We do not require any deposit for your booking. This also means that you will not lose any money if you have to cancel unexpectedly. And we work on the basis of trust. We call this service.

12. How big are the groups of the Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus?
Official volcano guides work with small groups for this excursion to the summit crater. Normally, the group consists of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10/12 people per guide. In the 4x4 bus to 2900 meters, there will be more people. On arrival at 2820 metres, each person leaves with his/her volcano guide, so you walk up with 'small' groups.

13. Should I choose the morning or afternoon Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus?
First, of course, this is also down to yourself. You have to look at where you are staying and how much travel time you have. However, it is true that it is often clear in the morning and becomes more cloudy during the day. However, it is also true that at 3347 meters, you are often above the clouds and so it can still be clear! Incidentally, the afternoon excursion is only possible in the high season. Normally from 21 June to 21 September.

14. You have different start times, what about this?
We work with several volcano guides. So we can always guarantee availability. To ensure that not everyone is at the top at the same time, the buses with guides leave in different time slots. When making your request, you can always indicate your preference! We only work with professional, official volcano guides!

You want to book?

Would you like to book the Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus to 3347m? Fill in the request form and we will contact you within 1 hour. If you have a time preference, please indicate the desired time.
Please note that our e-mails (especially with hotmail and live addresses) sometimes end up in the spam folder. So please check your spam folder if you do not see a message from us, or write us a message via WhatsApp.

Important disclaimer!

The Etna Summit tour with 4x4 bus excursion is always conducted within the regulations in vigor, under the responsibility of the volcano guide. does not take any responsibility. 

In case of changes in volcano activity or weather during the excursion, refunds are never possible. Moreover, the volcano guide always decides the course of the excursion. Because safety comes first.

N.b. it is also possible to do this excursion where you walk back instead of taking the 4x4 bus back (only for experienced hikers). Read more about this excursion here: Trekking Etna summit crater 3347m. | Full day

Booking request

Languages spoken by guides

  • English
  • French
  • Italian


Average rating
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3,7 / 5
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“Ok, not more”

The volcano experience itself is great, also the trail is easy (given the altitude and the surrounding), and the ride with the 4x4 also makes sense. ….. but: a) departure was planned for 8.45, finally we left at 9.30 ! If I manage to be on time, I expect this from all others or that the operator offers a late arrival tour on extra cost. It’s unfair that I have to wait although I follow the instructions. b) they say: „small groups of 10- max 12“… our group was 17 and the others were at the same size… don‘t promise what you can‘t hold c) they say: „we will manage to walk in small groups and different ways, so that there is no queuing up“ … why are 5 groups of 15+ people walking directly behind each other like ants and you’re stucked In traffic ?? It’s totally disappointing ! At the end I was disappointed by the tour, especially the organizers and it is not worth the money.

---> Reaction Piano Provenzana

A) Yes, there was a delay. Instead of starting around 09.00 hour, the tour started at 09.25 hour. This because a group with a transfer from Catania where in a traffic jam due to an accident and arrived a little bit late. Since the weather was good, there was no risk for the excursion or the view, so the guide decided to wait for those people. If it was you, I think you was also happy they waited for you, since it was nobodies fold they arrived late. The traffic in Sicily is difficult and we need to be flexible when possible.

B) The guides you had were in 4 and there were 40 people. They split the group up on language. This means you had a GERMAN speaking guide, which is very unique on Mount Etna, since it is hard to find. And yes, you were in 16 people with the guide, but due to having the explanation only in your own language, you had MORE time to explore the summit. You've also been on places other tours don't go. If you have a group with 3 languages, the guide losses a lot of time explaining everything in 3 languages. So we choose for a tour in your own language when possible and give you so the best experience possible. (Besides, if you didn't want German, you could have asked the guide to be placed on the Italian or English speaking group).

C) Some days before you did this tour, there was snow on the top and ice under the lava ash. This means it is not possible to pass other people. You have to follow the path, which is only one to the top. Since the day after your tour the tours already had been cancelled due to bad weather predictions, this day there were more guides and people who wanted to go to the summit. The road is one... And it's not our fault if there are other guides with people who don't walk as well as you or your group. Safety always comes first. And yes, it is a populair tour.

P.s. Just believe me, I gave you all the right information and I think with making you the reservation, sending you all the info, I did everything I could. Also, with the information the guides provided me, I think you really had an amazing experience visiting the top crater today. You really had perfect weather with sun and less wind. There are days people really have less visuality and they are still happy (and they didn't go where you went!!). We (me and the guide) have really tried our best to give you the best possible experience, in your own language.

We ask apologies for the later start of the tour. Unfortunately it was no one's fault. It was force majeure ... but thanks to that extra 25 minutes you guys waited, there are still 7 people very happy to have stood on top of Etna. Hopefully this can make up for your "unpleasant feeling" a bit. These people are surely very grateful to you.

Just believe me, I gave you all the right information and I think with making you the reservation, sending you all the info, I did everything I could. You only booked 18 HOURS before asking SPECIFIC for a German guide.

Also, with the information the guides provided me, I think you really had an amazing experience visiting the top crater today. You really had perfect weather with sun and less wind. There are days people really have less visuality and they are still happy (and they didn't go where you went!!). We (me and the guide) have really tried our best to give you the best possible experience, in your own language.

In my opinion your review is really 'over the top' (of Mount Etna).

24 May 2024 – Thorsten, Germany
“wonderful experience you should not miss! even better with snow!”

easy communication via what's app, flexible agency, experienced guides, perfect in english

13 May 2024 – claudia, austria
“3.270m in snow ”

The View!

20 April 2024 – Papalympics, Germany
€ 120.00 p.p. (incl. 4x4 round trip)

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