Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus to 2900 meters

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Tour start:
Every day from 8.50 am
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2,5 hours
€ 78,00 p.p. (children € 50,00)
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Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus from 1900 m up to 2900 m

Do you want to visit the Etna volcano and get as high as possible, but is the tough hike to the top not for you? Then this excursion with the Etna cable car and 4×4 bus is made for you! You’ll reach an altitude of 2920 meters from where you’ll walk along a crater mouth before heading back down.

Attention: this excursion is at Etna South – Rifugio Sapienza. Not at Piano Provenzana!

Cable car Etna Sud Silvestri crater
Bus 4x4 cable car Etna Sud eruption lava

Itinerary Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus to 2900 meters

The excursion starts at Etna South at an altitude of 1900 meters, where you go up by cable car to 2500 meters. From here you go by 4×4 off-road buses to an altitude of 2920 meters to località Torre del Filosofo. Here, under the guidance of a volcano guide, you will walk around a crater mouth ( practically no difference in altitude!). From 2920 meters you have a good view of the summit crater. Then you return to the buses and head back down to 2500 meters from where you take the Etna cable car back up to 1900 meters.

If you do this excursion at the end of the day, your return trip will only be by 4×4 buses to 1900 meters, as the Etna cable car closes at 16.10 hour in winter and at 17.45 hour in summer. The last excursion in winter starts around 13.30 hour and in summer around 15.30 hour. The last descend with the cable car is in winter possible at 15.50 hour and in summer at 17.10 hour.

You may decide when to take the Etna cable car back down from 2500 meters to 1900 meters, but keep in mind the closing time of the cable car.

Crater 2001 Etna Sud Rifugio Sapienza 2600m
Valle del Bove Etna Sud excursion

Starttime and availability

The Etna cable car is open everyday from 08.45 hour to 16.10 hour. The last descent is at 15.50 hour. The 4×4 busses start at 2500 meter, after you take the cable car and bring you up to 2750 meters. This is more less 4/5 km driving up. The complete excursion takes more less 2,5 hours. The last complete excursion with cable car and 4×4 bus starts around 13.30 hour. The 4×4 buses run every 40 minutes or when there are enough people. In high season, 4×4 buses run every 5 minutes.

You can choose your own starting time. Our suggestion is to go early in the morning, as there are often more clouds during the day.

We ALWAYS suggest you to book in advanced, for 3 reasons:

  • You can skip the line at the ticket-office*
  • You get all the information about where to go and how to get there
  • Child rate for children up to 12 years old instead of 10 years old.

* If you book with Piano Provenzana you get a voucher. With this voucher you can skip the line and go directly to the ticket-office to pay your tickets and go up with the cable car!

Our service is completely free of charge. You pay NOTHING extra with a reservation than if you don’t make a reservation and wait in line. You also pay nothing in advance, but simply on the day of the excursion. In short: no risk, only benefits!


We advice you to arrive 30 minutes before you want to go up with the Etna cable car. This way you have enough time to park your car (paid parking!), to go to a bathroom if you need, to take some pictures and to walk in direction of the cable car. But most important of all: get used to the altitude.

The tour takes more less 2,5 hours in total, depending on the group, de number of questions for the guide and the weather.

Mount Etna crater 2001
Walking bus 4x4 Etna South
Cable car Silvestri craters Etna

Price mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus to 2900 m

Price Etna cable car + 4×4 bus + guide Mount Etna

When you book online with Piano Provenzana, you get the advantage of skipping the line at the ticket-office. On busy days, this quickly means saving 30 minutes of your time! (see picture below).

Price from March 1, 2023

  • Adults: € 78,00 per person (€ 69,00 for the cable car and the bus + € 9,00 for the guide)
  • Children: € 50,00 per person (€ 41,00 for cable car and bus + € 9,00 for the guide)*
  • Children 0-4 years: free, when they sit on the laps of their parents/caregivers

* Please note: for children from 5 to 12 years old the child price applies if you book trough If you go to the ticket office yourself, without a voucher from the child price only applies for children up to 10 years old!

You can pay at the ticket office on the day of the excursion by presenting your reservation. We don’t ask any prepayment! You can pay for the excursion by cash, ATM or credit card.

Etna Cable car from Rifugio Sapienza to 2500m round trip
Bus 4×4 from 2500m to 2900m round trip
Small hike to the panoramic viewpoint at the Valle del Bove
Hike to the crater of 2001
Official volcano guide

X Drinks and food
X Tips for the guide and driver (not obligatory)
X Rental jacket and/or shoes (not obligatory)

You will receive a voucher from when you book this excursion. With this voucher you have priority (special queue on the right) at the Etna cable car ticket office to buy your ticket, so it is not an online reservation (this is not possible) but a ‘skip the line’-ticket.

Etna crater 2001 Mount Etna
Queue ticket office Cable car Etna Sud

Guides & languages

The tour is guided by trained volcano guides. These guides speak Italian, English & often also French and they will tell you a lot about the volcano and craters during the hike. It is not possible to book a specific language. But the guide always speaks Italian and English.

Requirements Mount Etna cable car + 4×4 bus excursion

Clothing tips
Depending on the time of year for this tour, the temperature can be very low. In May, for example, at 2900 meters, you should expect 8 degrees. Often it is the wind that makes it feel cold.

Therefore, be sure to wear layered clothing and a good windproof jacket. A hat and scarf are also helpful! If you do not have a hat, consider a hoodie, for example. It is also advisable to wear good closed shoes. For example, hiking boots or sports shoes with good grip.

Keep in mind that even in high season the temperature at the summit drops. We therefore always recommend to bring a jacket!

Rental clothes and shoes
It is also possible to rent a jacket and/or shoes. You can go to one of the souvenir shops for this rental service or rent a jacket at the office at 2500 meters after you leave the cable car.

  • Rental jacket: € 5,00
  • Rental shoes: € 5,00

Food and drinks
If you want to bring food and drinks on the tour you can buy something in one of the restaurants and bars at Etna South. Or you can buy something at the bar at 2500 meters after you leave the cable car.

Restrictions Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus to 2900 meters
This tour is not recommended for:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Children of 0 – 1 year
  • People with back problems
  • people with cardiac problems
  • people with severe knee/walking problems

The reason for these restrictions are the height at which you come. This is not good for small children’s ears, for example. Another reason is the ride in the bus which is off-road over solidified lava. This is hugely bumpy and this is definitely not good for the fetus. If you are pregnant and do want to go, you need a doctor’s note and you have to take full responsibility.

A few tips:

  • Book always in advance
  • Book this Mount Etna tour on the first day you can visit Mount Etna, this way you can always reschedule your Mount Etna visit to another day, in case of bad weather!
  • Wear colored clothes, it looks nicer in the pictures!
Crater 2001 Etna Sud
Crater 2001 Etna volcano Sud


Looking for a cheaper excursion? You can also choose to only take the cable car to 2500 meters. From here you can go for a short walk by yourself to the crater of 2001 for example. Here you find more information about taking only the Mount Etna cable car to 2500 meter.

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  • English
  • French
  • Italian


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This was a once in a lifetime experience, absolutely amazing ?? This kind of a trip suits our family perfect with 5 kids between the age of 2-14. We got many great tips from Anniek and we were very satisfied with her information?. We would absolutely recommend her Anniek and Piano Provenzana? Anniek answered all our questions! This was a perfect day?

3 October 2023 – Henning and Cecilie Røisland, Norway
“Fabulous Experience ”

The help we received while planning our expedition at Mt Etna was invaluable. All my questions were answered efficiently by Anniek Bakker. And when we arrived /no line!!! Just could avoid the chaos and walk right up. Trust me, you need to use this site to make this exciting day even more memorable!

21 September 2023 – Donna Holmes, United States
“I recommend the trip for families”

I highly recommend the trip - we felt safe with our children. Everything went smooth, there were no delays, the trip was comfortable. Everywhere there are toilettes and bars with food.

10 August 2023 – GZ, Poland
“Hey Anniek, thanks for your great guidance!”

On Sunday evening we were puzzled on how to plan and book our Etna trip for the next day. After visiting various websites, we landed at Piano Provenzana and we submitted our booking request via a simple contact form. That same evening all our questions got answered by Anniek via WhatsApp and we received our vouchers, without any prepayment. The next day we took the 'skip the line' and we immediately received our tickets upon mentioning our names. The small promised reduction by Piano Provenzana was honoured as well. How simple can it be! For sure we enjoyed the fantastic Etna scenery, but it was mainly the guidance of Anniek that wowed us! So, thank you, Anniek!

24 July 2023 – Family Yudhira-Goris, Belgium
“Mt. Etna (June 2023)--Loved it!!”

We are SO glad we did this with Pianoprovenzana. This is the way to do it if you have young children (less than 14). The skip the line, cable car and the buses make this an easy trip. The walk around is rather short but then you have the option of walking around more by yourself if you really want to. There is NO additional charge for this service anymore than you would have paid for by yourself. It is just that you get to skip the line for free. It sounded odd but that is the way it is. Anniek Bakker was extremely helpful and explained everything via email. The information was very clear and the process was explained step by step. I give this service full points.

18 June 2023 – Ashay , United States
“Fantastic experience”

The cable car experience was really good. It was comforting to travel by cable car in such a windy day like today. However, it would have been nice to have some discount offered for pre-reservation.

16 April 2023 – Lakshmi V. , India
“Well organized but part by foot is a joke”

Very nice contact and well organized. Reservation worked well. Cable car and 4x4 transport as well. Walking part was rather a joke. If you have time and the guts to explore the area additionally by yourself, don't hesitate to do so.

13 April 2023 – Enrico, Switzerland
€ 78,00 p.p. (children € 50,00)

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