Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus to 2900 meters

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Tour start:
Every day from 9.00 am
Tour duration:
2,5 hours
€ 68,00 p.p. (children € 50,00)
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Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus from 1900 m up to 2900 m

Do you want to visit the Etna volcano and get as high as possible, but is the tough hike to the top not for you? Then this excursion is made for you! You’ll reach an altitude of 2920 meters from where you’ll walk along a crater mouth before heading back down.

What will you see during the excursion:

The excursion starts at Etna South at an altitude of 1900 meters, where you go up by cable car to 2500 meters. From here you go by 4×4 off-road buses to an altitude of 2920 meters to località Torre del Filosofo. Here, under the guidance of a volcano guide, you will walk around a crater mouth ( practically no difference in altitude!). From 2920 meters you have a good view of the summit crater. Then you return to the buses and head back down to 2500 meters from where you take the cable car back up to 1900 meters.

If you do this excursion at the end of the day, your return trip will only be by 4×4 buses to 1900 meters, as the cable car closes at 16.00 hour. The last excursion currently starts around 2pm.

You may decide when to take the cable car back down from 2500 meters to 1900 meters, but keep in mind the closing time of the cable car (16.00 hour)!

Details of the Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus up to 2900 meters tour

  • Total Duration: about 2,5 hours
  • Walk: 30 minutes
  • Starting point: 1900 meters
  • Arrival point: 2920 meters
  • Difficulty: easy*

* Always keep in mind the altitude difference. For example, at 2920 meters there is 10% less oxygen in the air.

The opening hours of the Mount Etna cable car are every day from 09.00 to 16.00 approximately. In high season the excursion is possible until late in the day. Always inform about the closing time.

The 4×4 buses run every 40 minutes or when there are enough people. In high season, 4×4 buses run every 5 minutes.

Leave your car on the Piazzale Funivia dell’Etna or on the Etna Sud parking. There is plenty of space to park here. Attention: normally this is paid parking.

Price Mount Etna cable car and 4×4 bus excursion

You will receive a voucher from when you book this excursion. With this voucher you have priority (special queue) at the cable car ticket office to buy your ticket, so it is not an online reservation (this is not possible) but a ‘skip the line’-ticket.

  • Adults: € 68,00 per person (€ 59,00 for the cable car and the bus + € 9,00 for the guide)
  • Children: € 50,00 per person (€ 41,00 for cable car and bus + € 9,00 for the guide)*
  • Children 0-4 years: free

* Please note: for children from 5 to 12 years old the child price applies if you book trough If you go to the ticket office yourself, without a voucher from the child price only applies for children up to 10 years old!

In short, with a voucher from you are faster at the checkout and children under 12 pay a lower price!

Wear good, sturdy shoes because you are walking on (solidified) lava rocks. Dress in layers and always bring a sweater and/or jacket. The higher you go, the colder it gets and it’s often even more windy

Always be sure to bring something to eat and drink. Otherwise at 2500 meters you will find things to eat and drink at the bar. And of course don’t forget your camera (or just your smartphone ;-)).

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€ 68,00 p.p. (children € 50,00)

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