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Trekking on Etna, guided excursions

Do you want to discover the Etna volcano walking in the middle of lava and nature? Book your trekking on Etna with a volcanological guide. Above 2500 meters you can only explore the volcano Etna accompanied by a professional guide. The advantage of trekking with a guide? They take you to unique places and tell you all the secrets of the volcano. So you can live a real emotion and unique experience on Etna! Here are the treks that we recommend with a guide:

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  • Altitude 2200 meters
  • Buttonhole eruption 2002
  • Accompanied by an expert guide
  • Fracture 1911 - 1923
€ 30,00 per person
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  • With 4x4 bus to 2900 m.
  • Trekking of 6 km downhill
  • Different old craters and fractures
  • Eruption of 2002
€ 85,00 per person
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