Eruptions and craters Etna North

Mount Etna eruptions and craters

Is Mount Etna is dangerous?
Mount Etna is an extremely active volcano. Only in 2021 there were already more than 50 parossisms. The last parossism was on the 10th of Februari 2022. During an eruption you have to pay attention to the direction of the smoke, since there might be as well ‘lava rain’. This means lava rocks can fall down like rain from the smoke, as well as the ash. So is Mount Etna dangerous? Yes, she can be. Always pay attention to here attitude and always go on a trip with an experienced official guide.

Eruptions and craters Etna North

How many times does Etna erupt?
It is not systematic in its eruptions, but it has different forms of activity that also bring it to long periods of calm. Only in 2021 there were already more than 50 parossisms. The last parossism was on the 21th of Februari 2022.
The most recent eruptions on the Etna North slope, worthy of mention are:

  • Eruption of Etna 1865
  • Eruption of Etna 1911
  • Eruption of Etna 1923
  • Eruption of Etna 2002

Etna’s eruptions mark a historical moment, because they completely transform the territory, changing it both from a morphological and a vegetal point of view. Click on one of the images to read more about this eruption.

Eruption of 1865 Monti Sartorius
Eruption of 1923
Eruption of 2002
Etna summit craters

See the lava of Etna

Can I see the lava of the Etna volcano?

It depends. Sometimes, during an eruption it is possible to get ‘near’ the fresh lava. With near we mean you can see it, since you always need to keep a safety distance. You can visit the Etna volcano also when in eruption, just beware on the direction of the smoke. Excursions might be cancelled or change when the Etna is in eruption. Safety first!

The volcano is active and can therefore erupt at any time, this is one of the elements that make it dangerous..

Lava dell'Etna
Bocca effusiva Lava Etna

Monitoring of Etna

The volcano is carefully monitored by INGV of Catania that studies and detects all its movements with the help of sophisticated equipment and thanks to the presence of great researchers.

Often the great eruptions of Mount Etna are preceded by an intense and continuous seismic activity, due to the pressure of magma on the crust.

The danger, for the population, of an eruption is given only by the altitude at which the crater opens. A crater that opens at a low altitude certainly raises many concerns to civilization.

Mount Etna’s eruptions are characterized by effusive lava that flows quite slowly, so you always have enough time to get to safety.

Excursions to see the Etna eruption

What dangers are there during an eruption?
During eruptions, special excursions to Mount Etna are usually organized in order to enjoy this spectacle of nature as close as possible (in safe places). By the way, it is already special to see the lava spewing from Etna volcano even from far away!

Associated with the eruptions of the Etna volcano there are almost always emissions of ash or lapilli that thanks to the currents are carried in the air and then fall in the surrounding towns. With good weather you can see the Etna eruption also from Taormina!

Eruzione lava cenere