The best beaches in Sicily

Beaches in Sicily – east

Sicily is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, precisely because of its morphology and history. Among mountains, volcanoes and countries we find these wonderful beaches in Sicily with a transparent blue sea and beautiful cliffs on the sea and wide beaches of white sand perfect to go on vacation with children. A true natural paradise.

The most beautiful beaches in Sicily, close to the Etna North side, Linguaglossa are:

Beach of marina di Cottone

The beach is sandy interspersed with pebbles and is located between the mouth of the river Alcantara and the mouth of the river Fiumefreddo in fact the sea water is always a little cooler.

In return you will enjoy a delicious Mediterranean scent that the wind carries from the surrounding citrus groves.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa km 14

Isola Bella Beach

The beach of Isola Bella is partly sandy with pebbles. The sea is transparent and there are several rocks. This area is perfect for snorkeling or diving. A staircase will lead you to this pristine corner of Sicily. The beach is small and that is why it is always very crowded, so take this into consideration as well.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa 26 km
Spiaggia Isola Bella

Acitrezza Beach

In the heart of the Protected Marine Reserve of Ciclopi, between the black of the lava rocks emerges a blue and transparent sea.

The wonder of this coastline is characterized by imposing stacks that emerge from the sea.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa 41 km
Stazzo Sicilia

Fontane Bianche Beach

In the territory of Syracuse we find the Caribbean beach of Sicily. A beach of white sand, with a transparent sea that slopes gently, suitable for children of all ages, thanks to the warm temperature of its waters.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa 123 km
Fontane Bianche spiaggia

San Lorenzo beach

Marzamemi also has beautiful beaches with clear blue water and beaches with beautiful white sand.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa 150 km

Beach of Marinello lakes

A long tongue of fine sand that forms a small peninsula, marking the boundary between the lake and the sea. A real natural pool of brackish water in which to dive, under the promontory of Tindari.

  • Distance from Linguaglossa 125 km
Spiaggia Tindari