Big Bench Etna No. 200 – Panchina Gigante

Driving toward Piano Provenzana on the Mareneve from Linguaglossa, you pass by the Big Bench Etna No. 200. This giant red bench is located about 1550 meters above sea level on the volcano Etna (Etna North).

View from Etna Big Bench

When you sit on the Big Bench, you overlook the often smoking summit crater of Etna volcano. Behind you have a view of the sea, Taormina, and the solidified lava flow from the 2002 eruption.

The Big Bench on Mount Etna is number 200. On the bench is written, “na ranni panchina pi na ranni muntagna,” meaning “a big bench for a big mountain.” The Big Benches are in general about 2 meters high and about 3 meters wide.

View Big Bench panchina Gigante Etna Nord 1550m
Foto panchina gigante Etna Volcano red bench
Big Bench Etna volcano No 200 Panchina gigante

Next to the bench is a small staircase that can be used to climb up. To get there, you can park your car along the road in the middle of the lava ash. In 2 minutes you can walk to Big Bench number 200, which is about 10 meters above the road.

Big Bench Passport

Would you like to visit one of these giant benches more often? Then you can collect stamps in a special Giant Bench Passport. This passport can be purchased at some locations on Mount Etna and in Linguaglossa:

  • Rifugio Ragabo
  • Chalet Clan dei Ragazzi
  • Pro Loco Linguaglossa
  • Monte Conca Restaurant

These are also the places where you can get the stamp.

Location Big Bench Etna

Google Maps link:

291 Giant Benches in the world

The map of Big Benches has 291 benches divided by Italy and Europe. Only 2 benches are located in Sicily for now. One in Linguaglossa at an altitude of 1530 meters on the volcano Etna (Bench number 200) and the other in Centuripe in the province of Enna (Bench number 202). The Big Bench on Mount Etna is red in color, and the bench in Centuripe is pink and blue.

Big Bench Etna volcano Group foto
Panchina gigante Etna Number 200
Sea view Big Bench Etna Nord

Currently 65 new Big Benches are under construction, including 3 in Sicily (Petralia Sottana, Bivona, Marsala). Want to know where they are located in Europe? This is the official website of the Big Bench Community.

By the way, if you are going to Piano Provenzana, stop here for a little break and enjoy the view of the sea and Mount Etna volcano! It’s worth it!