Climate of Sicily

The climate of Sicily and the Etna volcano

Sicily has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters but there is more rainfall. The climate on the volcano Etna is often very different from the sea or the Sicilian hinterland because of its considerable height that exceeds 3300 meters.

If you want to plan an excursion on Mount Etna always inform yourself about the weather conditions and consider that at Piano Provenzana you will find a considerable difference in temperature compared to the sea.

Climatic details of Mount Etna

Sun hours
per day

Rainy days
per month

January10 ΒΊC– 4 ΒΊC513
February12 ℃– 5 ℃610
March13 ℃– 3 ℃79
April16 ℃ 0 ℃88
May19 ℃6 ℃96
June23 ℃11 ℃104
July28 ℃16 ℃112
August30 ℃16 ℃103
September25 ℃15 ℃95
October20 ℃12 ℃78
November16 ℃10 ℃510
December13 ℃5 ℃412

If you make an excursion to the volcano Etna, always inquire about the weather conditions.

This means that if you plan a hike to these spots, make sure you are properly dressed. (A winter jacket can also be rented at the souvenir shops).

Weather and climate of Sicily in summer on Mount Etna

The weather in summer on Mount Etna is very characterized by high average temperatures, certainly the higher you go the more you notice a decrease in temperature compared to the coast. Normally you will always have that 10 degrees difference compared to the Sicilian coast.

Summer Piano Provenzana
Winter Piano Provenzana

Weather on the Etna volcano in winter

In winter on Etna there is snow and you can ski. Skiing on Etna volcano is spectacular, because Etna is one of the few places in the world where you can ski and admire the sea at the same time.