Ski Lifts Mount Etna

Piano Provenzana Ski Lifts

The ski lifts of Piano Provenzana date back to 1971. Already then, thanks to the morphology and exposure to the north that allowed for a good period of the year the permanence of snow, made it possible to build a ski area of a certain level. Consider that it was among the best equipped ski areas in southern Italy.

Ski lifts Mount Etna – Piano Provenzana

On the 31th of March 2022, the ski slopes closed for this season. We thank you all for the great season and we hope to welcome you again at the end of the year for the winter season of 2022-2023!

Today, Piano Provenzana has six ski slopes, accessible by three ski lifts and a chairlift. The ski lifts Mount Etna:

Chairlift pouchoz – tanaurpi

  • Altitude: from 1806 m. to 1998 m.
  • Typology: Chairlift with protection dome
  • Duration: 4,5 minutes
  • Slope: blu

Open: X

Ski lift Monte Conca

  • Altitude: from 1828 m. to 2090 m.
  • Typology: Skilift with platter
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Slope: red

Open: X

Ski lift Coccinelle

  • Altitude: from 2000 m. to 2323 m.
  • Typology: Skilift with platter
  • Duration: 7 minutes
  • Slope: red

Open: X

Ski lift Anfiteatro

  • Altitude: from 2055 m. to 2336 m.
  • Typology: Skilift with platter
  • Duration: 6,4 minutes
  • Slope: red

Open: X

Tapis Roulant

  • A roller belt for beginning skiers

There are a total of six ski slopes from the various lifts: four red ski slopes and two blue ski slopes.

The departure of Piano Provenzana with the chairlift is at an altitude of 1806 meters. The maximum high is 2400 meters where you arrive with the ski lift.

The strong point of the Etna Nord ski area is just the landscape that between snow, lava and the blue sea of Taormina can not do anything but leave you enchanted.

Green pass for ski lifts Mount Etna

Three requirements are necessary to access the lifts and ski slopes:

  • Possession of the Green Pass for the chairlift
  • Maintain a minimum 1 meter (3.5 feet) personal distance in access and egress routes
  • The use of a surgical mask or higher (FFP2) in common areas.
Vista mare pista di sci Piano Provenzana