Etna snow report

Snow report Piano Provenzana

Check the conditions of the snow on Mount Etna (Etna Nord) and the roads leading to Piano Provenzana. Follow us on Instagram (@pianoprovenzana) to see actual photos and videos and our actual Etna snow report.

On the 31th of March 2022, the ski slopes closed for this season. We thank you all for the great season and we hope to welcome you again at the end of the year for the winter season of 2022-2023!

Last update snow Etna North: 02/04/2022 – 09.51 pm

The road is clean to get to Piano Provenzana. It is highly recommended to have always snow chains or snow tires on board, since this is obligatory till the 15th of April.

Ski liftOpenSnow cm.
Covered chairlift Pouchoz X 10
Ski lift Monte Conca X 10
Ski lift Coccinelle X 20
Ski lift Anfiteatro X 20

Green Pass ski lifts

In order to access the Pouchoz chairlift, being a chairlift with a canopy, a GREEN PASS is required.

Ski insurance

The obligatory skiers insurance for the 2022 season has been suspended and moved to 2023. Also the helmet obligation for under 18 has been postponed to 2023.

Road conditions Etna North

We always remind you that there is the obligation of snow chains or snow tires on all mountain roads starting from the highway exit of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia.

“The general rule says that snow tires, or alternatively chains on board, must be kept from November 15 of each year until April 15 of the following year.”

Sanctions for violating the obligation to have snow chains on board or snow tires

If you don’t respect the obligation of snow chains on board you risk serious sanctions provided by the articles 7 and 14 of the Highway Code. Specifically, if you are stopped by the Police without snow chains on board you can incur a sanction ranging from a minimum of € 84,00 up to a maximum of € 335,00.