Piano Pernicana and Madonnina della Pineta

Piano Pernicana

Immersed in the secular Pineta Ragabo, we find a wide open space that represents a meeting place or a reference point on the north side of Mount Etna for tourists on Sundays or during holidays.

Already in the 50’s they enhanced this area from the tourist point of view, in fact right in the middle of the pine forest they organized the 1st Mareneve ski cup.

pineta di linguaglossa

Madonnina della Pineta

At At the back of this flat area, in 1954 the artisans from Linguaglossa built a cave in “pumice” red lava stone and placed a statue of the Madonna inside.

In 2004 the same cave has been disassembled and with the contribution of some citizens and the collaboration of the authorities the cave has been restored again, because in 2002 it had been damaged.

The particularity, of this madonnina of the pine forest, is that many visitors or believers go there for a moment of pray, and afterwards they leave some written messages in small notes that are put between the red rocks forming the cave.

For some years now, the municipal administration of Linguaglossa has authorized in this “little open-air church”, the celebration of weddings on Mount Etna in the open air in a suggestive landscape immersed in the secular pinewood.

Picnic area Piano Pernicana

Piano Pernicana also has an equipped area with a number of bbq areas and tables, in fact it is the perfect place for a picnic in the open air with the family.

If you want to take a walk within a few hundred meters you can go to visit the “zappinazzu” the largest and oldest pine tree of Mount Etna, or you can admire the last lava of the eruption of 2002.