Etna trails & itinerary

Trails & itinerary Etna Nord

Have you ever been on Etna? Discover Etna North with your family, friends or children. Enjoy the unique Etna trails and itinerary of Etna Nord to explore the active volcano surrounded by its fabulous vegetation.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, you will certainly want to test yourself on Etna’s lava trails or feel the thrill of solitude provided by the many forest trails. If, on the other hand, your passion is walking, enter the magical paths across the entire northern side of Mount Etna.

Choose a hike from the many routes. Several trails are easy and accessible to families with strollers or even wheelchairs.

Walks to the Etna caves:

Grotta dei Lamponi
Grotta del Gelo
Grotta dei Rotoli
Grotta di Serracozzo
Grotta di corruccio
Grotta dei Ladroni

Walks to the craters:

Summit craters Mount Etna
Eruption of 2002
Eruption of 1923
Eruption of 1865 Monti Sartorius

Etna trails:

pineta ragabo etna nord

Walking trails on Mount Etna

These routes are really suitable for everyone: we have selected itineraries on the North side of Mount Etna suitable for families with children and also for active grandparents! To those who have little training, but want to enjoy all the beauty of a walk in nature. There are some flat walks and other hikes with more challenging difference in altitude.

Although these excursions are simple and without technical difficulties, we recommend that you pay the normal attention required by a hike in the mountains and wear appropriate hiking shoes so you can make a safe excursion.

When you go to the top of the volcano or you are unsure let volcano guides or mountain professionals accompany you in your outdoor activities!

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