Skipass Piano Provenzana

Etna is not only fire, but as we know in winter she allows many ski enthusiasts to enjoy themselves in a unique environment. The skiing season on Etna is very conditioned by the snowfall since it is only natural snow. Normally it starts in the Christmas period and it can also reach Easter.

The first questions that all frequenters of skiing on Mount Etna ask is to know the cost of the Skipass. Here you find the costs of a skipass for skiing on the Etna volcano.

Skipass Mount Etna

The cost of the ski pass on Mount Etna depends on the duration and the period, if the 4 lifts at Etna Nord do not have enough snow to guarantee safety, some of them will be closed.

Price skipass Mount Etna

Skipass prices season 2021 – 2022

  • Daily skipass adult € 35,00
  • Daily skipass child (up to 12 years) € 25,00
  • Afternoon skipass adult € 20,00
  • Child afternoon skipass (up to 12 years old) € 15,00
  • Seasonal skipass adult (North side of Etna) € 300,00
  • Seasonal skipass child (up to 12 years) € 200,00
  • Tapis Roulant € 15,00

* We are not the operators of the lift and the ski pass. In case of questions, please contact STAR Etna. You find them on Facebook.

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Green pass for skiing on Mount Etna

To access the lifts it is obligatory to have a reinforced Green Pass. The chairlift is equipped with closable canopies and is therefore a “closed installation” (gondola/lifts). For this reason, it will be necessary to have the reinforced Green Pass for the chairlift.