Etna caves

Etna caves, formed by lava

Do you want to discover what the Etna volcano preserves under its surface? Then you must visit one of the more than 250 caves that have been registered on Mount Etna.

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Etna lava caves

Etna’s caves are natural formations that are created during the eruption.

As the magma flows, we notice a cooling on the outside that reduces the flow until it stops, but in the inner part instead happens the reverse process. The magma becomes more and more liquid and flows much faster. At the end of the eruption, this process causes the solidified part to remain perfectly as it had stopped, but the inner part empties completely creating these tunnels.

Most of these caves are visitable, it is recommended to always do it with an experienced guide. Consider that they have lengths ranging from 50 meters up to 1 km, and several meters deep.

Grotta dei rotoli - Etna Nord

Centuries ago, the people of Etna used the caves of Mount Etna to store snow. Then with the mules the ice was transported to the villages and from this were born the delicious granite!

The most beautiful lava caves at Etna Nord

On the Etna north side we find the most beautiful and characteristic caves of the whole volcano:

  • Grotta di Aci
  • Abisso di monte Nero
  • Grotta delle Femmine
  • Grotta delle Palombe