Grotta di Serracozzo cave

Grotta di Serracozzo, Etna cave

The Grotto di Serracozzo is a lava flow tunnel created during the eruption of 1971. Its length is about 350 meters, and its particularity can be seen in the initial part where the entrance is.

Hike details

Start: Via Mareneve
Distance: circa 4 km roundway
Duration: 2 hours
Altitude: 1840 m
Difference in altitude: 100 m
Difficulty: **
Mappa sentiero: Etnanatura

How to get to the Serracozzo Cave

Once arrived at the Rifugio Citelli, go back for about 50 meters and take the path 723 Serracozzo trail.

Esterno grotta di Serracozzo
Vista dalla grotta di Serracozzo

The path climbs between beech and birch trees for about 100 m of difference in altitude with numerous ups and downs due to the crossings of waterways. After about 1.5 km you arrive at a hollow with no vegetation, where you will find a sign indicating the cave.

Grotta di Serracozzo
Grotta di Serracozzo interno

Inside the Grotta di Serracozzo

As soon as you enter you can notice a very impressive environment, characterized by a beam of light that enters at the top of the vault and gives a special atmosphere. The downstream section, on the other hand, is a steeply sloping flowing tunnel consisting of scoriaceous lava.

Surely the Grotta di Serracozzo is one of the most beautiful and fascinating caves of Mount Etna.

Grotta di Serracozzo interno