Grotta dei Ladroni cave

The ‘Grotte dei Ladroni’ cave

The Grotta dei Ladroni is a small lava tunnel located near the road from Fornazzo to Rifugio Citelli.

The Grotte dei Ladroni takes its name from a legend that tells of a group of bandits who in the second half of the eighteenth century took refuge inside the cave without success.

Hike details

Start: Via Mareneve
Distance: about 600 mt a/r
Duration: 30 minutes
Altitude: 1600 m
Difference in altitude: 0 m
Difficulty: *
Trail: Etnanatura

Visit the Grotta dei Ladroni cave

If you want to visit the Grotta dei Ladroni, you must arrive in the birch forest in the territory of Sant’Alfio, a few kilometers from the Sartorius Mountains (Monti Sartorius). You can use these coordinates:

Beginning of the cave: 15°04’16″‘. – 37°46’17”
Ending of the cave: 15°04’18″‘. – 37°46’18”
The cave is located at an altitude of 1600 meters and is approximately 300 meters long.

Guided excursion to the Grotta dei Ladroni cave

If you prefer to be accompanied by a guide, we recommend the hike to the Sartorius Mountains, which also takes you on a visit to the ‘Grotta dei Ladroni’ Cave.

ingresso grotta dei ladroni

Discover the cave ‘Grotta dei Ladroni’

This cave also takes the name of “Grotta delle nevi” (Cave of the snow) just because it was used as a snow store, in fact with the help of humans they created two tunnels that were connected to the outside, and so easily allowed them to store snow inside.

grotta della neve etna nord
grotta della neve ladroni

The cave has two entrances. This makes the cave not only easily accessible, but also offers an extra escape route. On one side, you can descend to the cave by a staircase carved into the rock, which leads to the cave via ten steep steps. The other entrance is a kind of artificial slide.

Ghiaccio Grotta dei Ladroni
Scala grotta dei Ladroni