Etna Nord: a rollercoaster of emotions

Be surprised by the nature of Piano Provenzana

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How to get to Piano Provenzana - Etna Nord by car

How to get there

Etna summit tour - by 4x4 bus

Excursion Etna summit tour up to 3347m with 4x4 bus (roundway).

Etna summit tour - more info
Etna 3347m trekking hike summit craters

Discover the secrets of Mount Etna

Ragabo Forest Linguaglossa - Etna Nord

Welcome to Etna Nord
Piano Provenzana is a touristic area located on the north side of Mount Etna, 18 km above Linguaglossa. Just before Piano Provanzana you find the highest located pine forest in Sicily, the Ragabo forest.

Piano Provanzana offers its visitors a unique view overlooking the Ionian Sea, Taormina and, in good weather, you can even see Calabria. Mount Etna gives is part of UNESCO.

The Etna eruption of 2002
Among the last great events of Piano Provenzana we remember the 2002 eruption. This eruption is also called by scholars “the perfect eruption”.

On October 27, 2002, the Northeast Rift became active and formed a “bottoniera” of eruptive mouths. From here lava began to flow and quickly transformed the tourist resort of Piano Provenzana into a lava desert. Many years of history were erased in a few hours.

Hike craters 2002 Etna
Etna Nord 2900 meters

Excursions Etna volcano
Would you like to feel, taste and/or experience the unique atmosphere of the Etna volcano? These are the top 3 excursions we recommend:

Skiing on Mount Etna
In winter, Piano Provenzana becomes a true ski resort. There are 4 ski slopes that offer a unique experience of skiing on an active volcano overlooking the sea.

You are not a skier or snowboarder? No problem! Then be sure to go for a beautiful hike through the snow. Are you with children? Rent a sledge and go for a nice ride.

Skiing Mount Etna kids