Pista Altomontana, Mount Etna trail

Pista Altomontana, from Etna North to Etna South

A walk on the Pista Altomontana is so fascinating that it remains imprinted in your memory, the panorama is really impressive immersed in an extraordinary volcanic environment.

The Pista altomontana is a fascinating unpaved trail that runs inside the National Park of Mount Etna. It marks the path 701 of the National Park and it is also part of the “Sentiero Italia Cai”.

Specifications of the Pista Altomontana trail

The path runs at an altitude ranging from 1400 meters to reach a maximum altitude of 2000 maintaining an average altitude of 1750 meters. The trail is 38 km long and is the only unpaved path that connects the two sides of Mount Etna: Etna North and Etna South.

The path starts on the north side from Rifugio Ragabo and arrives on the south side in the Serra la Nave pine forest. It is accessible by foot, by mountain bike and is also ideal for short walks for families with strollers or wheelchairs.

Whoever decides to do the whole semi tour of the the Etna volcano must consider that along the track there are no water or food supplies. The track is practicable in all seasons of the year, except in winter, with snow and fog. The track must be faced only by experienced and properly equipped people. We always suggest to take a professional guide with you!

The Altomontana Trail is a unique experience where silence reigns. The trail is easy to follow and by taking a few deviations from the route you can visit interesting places like lava flow caves, mountain refuges, or cross other trails.

Pista Altomontana Etna Nord