Mount Etna with kids and families

Exploring Mount Etna with kids and families

If you are looking for a route or a location on Mount Etna with children and for families, here you will find suggestions to spend a weekend outdoors, hiking, walking or biking, experiences with animals on the volcano Etna.

Imagine yourself traveling with your whole family to see amazing places, on an active volcano, eating lots of good food and enjoying breathtaking scenery all together.

Etna excursions with kids

Numerous are the paths on the Etna that allow of the relaxing walks with the children, with visit of refuges or with the possibility to stop in comfortable equipped areas.

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Etna with children in winter

Etna is fascinating even in winter with its white mantle of snow. If you decide to spend a day in the snow you can choose to:

Explore our excursions on Mount Etna with children

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Where to sleep on Mount Etna with children

Looking for a child-friendly accommodation? Choose for an accommodation in the nature, like an Agriturismo or choose for a holiday home or apartment with swimming pool.

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