Mount Etna Cable Car

Mount Etna Cable Car

The Mount Etna cable car is the most popular attraction for tourists who come to Sicily and want to visit Mount Etna without making any physical effort. There is only one cable car on Mount Etna and it is located on the south side of Mount Etna. With the cable car you can go from about 1900 meters to 2500 meters. Etna’s summit craters are located at about 3300 meters.

If you are in the Etna North side but you still want to visit the Etna South side you have to take the Sp.59 until Zafferana Etnea and then go up to Rifugio Sapienza (about 50 km).

Different options for the Mount Etna cable car

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Etna cable car to 2500m
Etna cable car and 4x4 bus up to 2900m
Etna cable car + 4x4 bus + hike to 3300 m.

Excursion to 2500 meters
The basic excursion of the Etna cableway consists of an ascent with the cable car up to 2500 meters.

The cableway starts at an altitude of 1923 meters, and in the meantime it will allow you to see from above the Silvestri craters and the different lava flows that have been directed over the centuries towards Catania.

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Excursion to 2920 meters
This excursion is a combination of the cable car and a 4×4 bus.

Arriving by cable car at 2500 meters you will board on powerful 4×4 buses that will take you to an altitude of 2920 meters where you will do with the authorized guides a walk on an extinct crater.
From here you have a beautiful panoramic view and you can also enjoy the landscape that overlooks the sea.

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Excursion to the summit craters of Etna 3300 meters
If you want to climb up to the main craters of Mount Etna this is possible by booking an excursion with the authorized volcanological guides.

You will start from 1923 meters from the cable car square. Arrived at 2500 meters you will get on the 4×4 bus and arrived at 2920 meters you will leave the vehicles and continue by foot. Accompanied by experienced guides you will face about 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking until you reach the edge of the active crater.

Arrived at the summit craters of Mount Etna at 3300 meters you can enjoy the spectacle of seeing an active crater that puffs with its outflow of gas and you will have time to take some pictures before you go down again with the guide by foot to the cable car.

▶ Due to the increased activity of the volcano, the summit crater is closed.

cratere centrale voragine etna

Etna cable car costs*

Etna cableway up to 2500 meters
You can go up with the cableway on Etna. This cableway is only on the south side of Mount Etna. The cableway goes up to an altitude of 2500 meters. The cableway ride costs € 50.00 per person (children € 30.00).

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Cable car + bus 4×4 up to 2920 meters
You want to go up to 2920 meters altitude, this will cost € 78,00 per person (Children cost € 50.00 p.p.). You travel the first section by cable car and then by all-terrain buses.

If you want you can also walk up to 2920 meters, after you reach 2500 meters with the cable car. You have to calculate at least 1,5 hours of walking uphill and moreover you walk on the road where off-road vehicles pass. It is not allowed to exceed the authorized free altitude without being accompanied by a volcanological guide!

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Cableway + Etna summit craters 3300 meters
If you want to go to the top crater of the volcano Etna, this costs € 120,00 per person. This can and should only be done accompanied by an authorized volcanological guide.

▶ Due to the increased activity of the volcano, the summit crater is closed.

Indirizzo funivia Etna Sud

Funivia dell’Etna
Stazione partenza
Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza
95030 Nicolosi (CT)

The prices indicated are the official prices of the Etna cableway.