Mount Etna Cable Car

Mount Etna Cable Car

The Mount Etna cable car is the most popular attraction for tourists who come to Sicily and want to visit Mount Etna without making any physical effort. There is only one cable car on Mount Etna and it is located on the south side of Mount Etna. With the cable car you can go from about 1900 meters to 2500 meters. Etna’s summit craters are located at about 3347 meters.

On this page you will find all the information you need and need to know about the Etna cable car.

Location Etna Cable Car

First of all, it is important to know that the volcano Etna has a surface area of over 50 km². There are two sides where you can drive up the volcano:

  • Etna North (Piano Provenzana)
  • Etna South (RIfugio Sapienza)

Etna’s cable car is located at Etna South, the more touristy side of the volcano. Sometimes people get confused thinking it is at Etna Nord, but at Etna Nord there is only a ski lift, which is only open in winter when the ski slopes are working. So, if you are talking about the Etna cable car, you are talking about Etna South.

Cable car Silvestri crater Mount Etna
Ticket office - Ski Etna

Etna Cable Car Address

Etna Cable Car
Piazzale Rifugio Sapienza
95030 Nicolosi (CT)

General information on the Etna cable car

The cable car departs from an altitude of 1923 metres, near the Rifugio Sapienza. At the ticket office you can buy a ticket for the cable car (roundway) up to an altitude of 2500 meters or for the complete excursion of cable car and 4×4 bus up to almost 3000 meters. Cable car tickets are not on sale online, but you can book a ‘skip the line’ ticket that will save you at least 30 minutes waiting time!

  • Cable car departure point: 1923m altitude – Rifugio Sapienza
  • Cable car arrival point: 2500m altitude – Etna Sud

The cable car has closed cabins that can accommodate up to 6 people at a time. Dogs and bicycles can also go up (free of charge). In about 12-15 minutes at the most you will be at an altitude of 2500 metres.

  • Maximum number of persons per cabin: 6
  • Length of cable car ride: 12 – 15 minutes
  • Total ascent: 576,35 meters
  • Speed: 4 meters per second

If you are more than six people, there is no problem. Just split up between several cabins.

Funivia dell’Etna per disabili

There is one carriage suitable for wheelchair users. But it should be noted that it is not always available. Also, it is important to know that once you reach 2,500 meters, it is almost impossible to move with a wheelchair. The sharp lava and ascents make it practically impossible to move.

Start Mount Etna cable car Rifugio Sapienza 1923m
Mount Etna Cable car station 2500m Etna South winter

Etna cable car opening hours

The cable car is open every day of the year. However, in the event of strong winds and/or heavy rain and/or risk of thunderstorms, the cable car may close. These are the opening times of the Etna cable car.

Winter timetable Etna cable car

  • Open: 08.30 hours
  • Closed: 16.00 hours
  • Last descent: 15.50 hours
  • Last complete tour departure (cable car + 4×4 bus): approx. 13.30 – 14.00 hours

Summer timetable Etna Cable Car (high season)

  • Open: 08.30 hours
  • Closed: 17.45 hrs
  • Last descent: 17.30 hrs
  • Last complete tour departure (cable car + 4×4 bus): approx. 15.00 – 15.30 hours

In high season, 4×4 buses leave every 5 minutes or when full. In low season, 4×4 buses leave every 30/40 minutes or earlier when full.

Etna cable car price

Three different cable car excursions are available. Of these, one version is only possible if there is sufficient snow on the volcano.

Etna cable car
2500m (roundway)
Cable car + 4×4 bus
2920m (roundway)
Cable car + gatto delle nevi
2920m a/r (roundway
Adults€ 50,00€ 78,00€ 95,00
Children 5-10 years€ 30,00€ 50,00€ 55,00
Children 0-4 yearsfreefreefree
Disabled*€ 18,00€ 46,00€ 63,00
Price table Etna Cable Car 2024

* The disabled price is only valid when presenting a valid disability card

Cable car Etna Sud Silvestri crater
Bus 4x4 cable car Etna Sud eruption lava
Etna snowcat winter excursion mount etna

1. Etna cable car round trip – 2,500 meters (round trip)
You board the Etna cable car at 1923 meters and after about 12 to 15 minutes you arrive at 2500 meters. Note that this is also the maximum altitude at which it is officially permitted to walk without being accompanied by a volcanological guide. At 2500 meters you will find a bar and you can admire the ancient lava flows descending towards Catania and the sea.

  • Adult price: € 50,00 per person
  • Price children 5-10 years: € 30,00 per child
  • Price children 0-4 years: free
  • Disabled: € 18,00 per person

Click here to book a skip-the-line ticket: Etna Cable Car 2500 meters (roundway) – skip the line

2. Cable car up to 2500m + 4×4 bus up to 2920m (round trip)
This is also called the complete excursion, and for good reason. Here, too, you go up by cable car. Once you get off the cable car, you move outside to catch the 4×4 off-road buses that take you to an altitude of almost 3,000 meters. Here you get off the bus and meet the authorised volcano guide. With this guide you will make a short hike of about 45 minutes around the Barbagallo crater, at 2920 meters of altitude. After this excursion, you will return to the bus, which will take you back to 2500 metres of altitude where you will take the cable car down.

  • Adult price: € 78,00 per person
  • Price children 5-10 years: € 50,00 per child
  • Price children 0-4 years: free
  • Disabled: € 46,00 per person

Click here to book a ‘skip the line’ ticket: Etna Cable Car + 4×4 bus 2920m – skip the line

3. Cable car up to 2500m + snowcat up to 2920m (round way) – ONLY WITH SNOW!
This excursion is only possible in the winter months and only if there is sufficient snow. If this excursion is possible, it means that the previous excursion (number 2) is not possible. Basically, this excursion is the same as the previous one, but instead of taking a 4×4 off-road bus, you go up in a snowcat.

  • Adult price: € 95.00 per person
  • Price for children 5-10 years: € 55.00 per child
  • Price children 0-4 years: free
  • Disabled: € 63,00 per person

Click here to book a ‘skip the line’ ticket: Etna Cable Car + Snowcat – skip the line

Reach the summit of Mount Etna with the Etna cable car

This is a pure marketing tactic. The summit of the volcano Etna is 3347 metres above sea level. The cable car only goes up to 2,500 meters. With the above-mentioned excursions, one ascends to a maximum altitude of 2920 metres. This is also the official limit that can be reached with the current activity of the volcano. It is possible to reach the top of the active volcano, but only via the north side of Mount Etna, from Piano Provenzana! These are the excursions to reach the real summit of Etna volcano:

Etna Summit tour with 4×4 bus (round trip) – 3347m

Etna summit tour – Hike Mount Etna 3347m

Should the control status of volcanic activity change to ‘green’ (it is now yellow), the excursion to the summit is also possible via Etna Sud. Please note that the excursion to the summit via Etna Sud is more exhausting than that via Etna Nord!

FAQ Etna Cable Car

1. Should I book the cable car in advance?
No, it is not necessary, but I highly recommend it. First of all, the reservation is absolutely free and non-binding. You can always cancel it for free. But a big advantage of a reservation is that you can avoid the queue at the ticket office. On busy days, you often save at least 30 minutes of waiting time! Also, if you book, I will give you lots of extra information and tips to make the most of your day on Etna! This is also free of charge!

2. The weather is not the best, should I go up?
Did you know that you can also climb above the clouds with the Etna cable car? Of course, this is not always the case: sometimes the weather is bad and you cannot see much even at 2,500 metres. But not always! Do you want to know what the weather and the view are like at 2,500 metres? Then take a look at the Etna Cable car webcam. But don’t forget to get back to us, to book your skip-the-line ticket here 😉!

3. What can I do at 2500m altitude if I only wish to take the cable car alone?
Officially, without an authorised volcano guide, you are not allowed to climb higher than 2,500 metres on Etna Sud at the moment. This means that once you get off the cable car, you can only descend on foot. However, there is a beautiful crater near Etna’s cable car, at 2560 metres. This is the Laghetto Crater. In about 30 to 40 minutes you will be on the rim of this crater. But as indicated, this is entirely your responsibility! P.s. If you book your ticket skip the line for the cable car through me, the e-mail will also tell you how to get to this crater.

View from crater 2001
Crater 2001 hike people excursion
Crater 2001 Etna Sud Rifugio Sapienza 2600m

4. Which excursion do you recommend?
For children, the cable car is already an experience. So, with children, I recommend taking the cable car in any case. Also, everyone has to think about their wallet. But if you had to choose, I would definitely recommend the Etna cable car + 4×4 bus excursion to 2920 meters. With this excursion you have a volcano guide who will point out things that you would otherwise miss. In addition, you walk with a guide over the mouth of an old crater and from 2920 metres you get a really nice view of the valleys, the old lava flows, the old craters and the active summit craters.

5. Is it possible to buy a one-way ticket for the Etna Cable car?
You can buy only a return ticket for the Etna cable car, or a single trip down by cable car. There is no single trip up by cable car. Or at least, you will then just pay full price for the return ticket. A ticket to go down by cable car can be bought at the bar at 2500 meters and costs €30,00 per person.

6. Why should I book a skip-the-line ticket on
First of all, I am not paid to provide all this information. I do it for the love of the area and to give you the best experience on Mount Etna. Personally, I often find it difficult to get correct and honest information here in Sicily and I want to change this situation by trying to give as much info as possible to make your holiday unforgettable.

If you book your ticket through me (i.e. free of charge), you will receive a voucher from me. In addition to this voucher, you will receive other useful tips for free! On the day of the excursion you will have to show your voucher at the ticket office. After all, the voucher is your ticket to skip the line! The Etna cable car will then register that I have sent you. For each person who participates in one of the Etna Cable Car excursions with my voucher, I receive a small compensation. Thanks to this compensation, I can ensure that I continue to share a lot of free and up-to-date information here.

The reservation does not cost you anything. You can always cancel free of charge. You will never pay anything in advance. In addition, you will receive free advice and tips on the route, car parks and the most beautiful viewpoints.

Did I help you with the information on this page? If yes, I would be pleased if you booked through me! <3

The prices indicated are the official prices of the Etna Cable Car. No rights can be derived from this information.