Piano Provenzana

Piano Provenzana – Discover the Etna Volcano

Piano Provenzana is the ideal place on Mount Etna to admire a unique and uncontaminated landscape. You find Piano Provenzana in just 18 km from Linguaglossa, taking the road “Mareneve” up to Mount Etna, driving trough the beautiful Ragabo pine forest. Piano Provenzana is situated at an altitude of 1900 meters.

If you want to visit the top craters (summit craters), there are two options. You can go on the North side, at Piano Provenzana, or at the South side (Rifugio Sapienza). The distance between both sides by car is 50 km!

  • Due to the activity of the Etna volcano it is NOT possible to go to the summit craters in this moment!

De differences between the two sides? Piano Provenzana is much more quiet and natural. Rifugio Sapienza is very touristic and more commercial, since you find here the well known Cablecar to go up the Mount Etna. Further on this page you can read more about the differences. And here some before and after pictures:

Before 2002
After 2002
Before 2002
After 2002

Piano Provenzana is well known for its unique position between nature and lava. The last great eruption of the Etna volcano at the north side was in 2002.

The eruption of 2002 changes everything for Piano Provenzana. Before there were hotels and restaurants, now there are only rests. Piano Provenzana is still rebuilding…

Etna North or Etna South?

If you can’t visit both sides (we would recommend that), here some advice, so you can make a good choice which side to visit on Mount Etna.

Etna North

The North side offers tranquility and the opportunity to enjoy true nature with the contrast of the lava that surrounds it. There are numerous paths that take you to visit caves of volcanic origin, or extinct craters. You will have the possibility to trek on Mount Etna without a guide on the paths of the Ragabo pine forest. If you want to reach the top crater, you can go up with comfortable 4×4 buses from Piano Provenzana. You arrive at a maximum high of 2900 meters. The top is at 3300 meters.

Highlights Etna Nord:

  • True nature with contrast of lava
  • Tour: Mount Etna up to 3000 meters (book here)
  • Many hiking trails to volcanic caves and extinct craters
  • Ragabo Pine forest

Etna South

The South side of Mount Etna has more lava (less nature) and arid. In contrast with Etna North, the South side is more touristic and crowded. Also because here you find the well known cable car to go up to 2500 meters. At Etna South you find a large number of souvenir shops and different restaurants and bars. You can go for a walk by yourself to the Silvestri craters, of take the cable car and 4×4 buses up to 2750 meters, in direction of the top crater.

Highlights Etna Sud:

  • More lava and arid
  • Cable car to 2500 meters (book here)
  • Excursion with cable car + 4×4 buses to 2900 meters (book here)
  • Silvestri craters